Tuesday, 30 January 2018

A Modest Proposal #1

This will be very short.

Something that became very clear from research into CEASE Therapy is that there are few legal restraints on homeopaths using it on autistic children. It has also become clear that none of the homeopathic trade associations want to do anything about members who use it.

The last post (which is a work in progress) is a translation of the Swedish Patient Safety Law (Law). It is suggested that some of the provisions should be incorporated into UK law.

Proposal - Restricting Treatment by Non-Medically Qualified
The Law restricts treatment of certain conditions such as cancer and certain groups of people to the medically qualified (and those people under their supervision - for example, what in the UK would be called healthcare assistants).

It would be perfectly possible to do the same in UK law. It may even be possible to "improve" on the law by, for example, creating a more extensive list of conditions that can not be treated. It would also be possible to extend the list of persons who can not be treated from children under 8 years old etc to include anyone who lacks the capacity to give consent.

It would be a criminal offence under UK law for the medically unqualified to treat listed conditions/groups of people.

Proposal - Defining Medically Qualified
The Law includes Chiropractors and Naprapaths. It would be unwise for UK legislation to treat them as medically qualified. Unfortunately, UK law doesn't treat psychotherapists as "qualifed". Many in the profession have called for statutory regulation and "psychotherapist" being a protected title.

If SR status for psychotherapists can not be acheived in the short term, transitional measures could be put into place.

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