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Guardian story on CEASE therapy and homeoprophylaxis in the US #2

A previous post looked at members of the North American Society of Homeopaths (NASH) who offer CEASE therapy or homeoprophylaxis (homeopathic "vaccination"). This post looks at (mainly) homeopaths and some other practitioners who actively offer either of the two therapies.

It also discusses several different organisation, touches on regulation and other points of interest. It picks up a few NASH members missed off the previous post. It is not a comprehensive list of all practitioners offering CEASE or homeoprophylaxis. For one thing the data in the public domain is likely incomplete. Also, some practitioners don't have websites or say very little. Some of the same content is repeated by various practitioners.

Homeoprophylaxis - A Worldwide Choice

Homeoprophylaxis - A Worldwide Choice (HPWWC) is "a rapidly growing not-for-profit organisation.  Our mission is to help the world learn about and utilize the nontoxic choice for disease prevention, Homeoprophylaxis." There are also this older website and a website for their 2020 conference in New Delhi.

HPWWC was formed in 2015 by Cathy Lemmon. It's not clear if it is a splinter group of Free and Healthy Children International (FHCI - discussed here) or why Lemmon (and Cilla Whatcott) left. It has less practitioners on its directory than FHCI. HPWWC doesn't offer a training course itself unlike FHCI but is does link to The Quest for Simillimum  (TQFS) where Isaac Golden (there's not a succinct article on him) seems to have a course. TQFS is run by Australia-based Shilpa Bhouraskar. Other courses offered include one from Jeremy Sherr in treating epidemics and AIDS. Bhouraskar seems to have been involved with Golden for a number of years.

One crucial difference between HPWWC and FHCI is that HPWWC organise conferences. There was one in 2015 in the US and 2017 in the Netherlands. The 2020 conference in New Delhi could mark a new tactic. It's unknown how prevalent homeoprophylaxis is in India but India has a much greater problem with vaccine preventable diseases.

Cathy Lemmon's website has a page on homeoprophylaxis that links to HPWWC and various training courses. 

Lemmon can be seen in an internet video with the late Debby Bruck. 

There are other interviews/presentations featuring Lemmon out there. Her own website tells us that she is a member of the Texas Society of Homepathy and the National Center for Homeopathy

Cilla Whatcott was a director of HPWWC but stopped being so some time prior to September 2017. The older website of the HPWWC still shows her as a director. Whatcott has several websites. This is one that is mostly about her and it tells us -
She was recently awarded a 2016 Activist Award by the Weston A. Price Foundation for her work with homeoprophylaxis.
That says something about WAPF. Family Homeopathy Care relates to her actual practice. It's known that Whatcott offers CEASE therapy but no mention of it is made there. There is also her Real Immunity website. Whatcott touts her own business there. Whatcott also offers training to "medical professionals". But it's the professional looking  films that differentiate Whatcott from the other proponents of homeoprophylaxis. From the blurb about the films -
World renowned immunologist, Dr. Tetyana Obukhanych, shares the antidote to overcome fear. And Dr. Jeanne Ohm, the director of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association, talks about how to access your deepest intuition.
Obukhanych is not renown outside of the bubble of anti-vaccinationists. Ohm and ICPA are anti-vaccination and the press kit reveals their deeper involvement.
Hear from Dr. Andrew Wakefield, the controversial figure credited with polarizing the vaccine debate, as he discusses the Cuban study with homeoprophylaxis preventing leptospirosis. Learn how Del Bigtree supports the power of intuition.
Andrew Wakefield is a supporter of homeoprophylaxis? This seems unlikely but Wakefield did speak at the HPWWC 2015 conference. Money might have something to do with - a video of Wakefield speaking at that conference can be streamed for $20. Also, some homeopaths are among Wakefield's most fervent supporters. Apparently the films themselves were funded by a Kickstarter campaign. Whatcott has a YouTube channel where snippets of these films can be seen.

Astra Rugless
Rugless is based in California. Her Treatments page has brief descriptions of CEASE therapy and homeoprophylaxis. Her website does not have the necessary disclaimer that she is not a medical practitioner. Elsewhere she links to FHCI.

Rugless is on the board of the California Homeopathic Medical Society. It's not clear what it does.

Beheshteh Zargaran
"Doctor" Zargaran isn't an MD. Zargaran has the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine qualification but not not seem to be registered with the Minnesota Board of Veterinary Medicine. Zargaran is registered with Council for Homeopathic Certification (CHC). CHC's Code of Ethics states -
Exercise appropriate discretion in the wording of any advertisements; practitioners who are not medically licensed with authority to diagnose and treat in the state/province where they practice should carefully avoid any reference to medical diagnoses or diagnostic tests, and focus on establishment of health rather than resolution of disease. 
Unless you possess a healthcare license which precludes the need for disclosure/informed consent about homeopathy ---then use a disclosure/informedconsent form which clearly and accurately identifies your training, credentials, skills and nature of your work; ensure that each client signs this form whichbecomes a part of the client documentation.
This does not constitute a prohibition on Zargaran using "Doctor" and her website makes clear she is DVM rather than MD. That same page reveals that Zargaran offers CEASE therapy and homeoprophylaxis.

However Minnesota has the Office of Unlicensed Complementary and Alternative Health Care Practice and has laws restricting practitioners. The Prohibited Conduct section states - 
(f) Advertising that is false, fraudulent, deceptive, or misleading. 
(g) Conduct likely to deceive, defraud, or harm the public or demonstrating a willful or careless disregard for the health, welfare, or safety of a complementary and alternative health care client; or any other practice that may create danger to any client's life, health, or safety, in any of which cases, proof of actual injury need not be established.
And - 
(w) Use of the title "doctor," "Dr.," or "physician" alone or in combination with any other words, letters, or insignia to describe the complementary and alternative health care practices the practitioner provides. 
(x) Failure to provide a complementary and alternative health care client with a recommendation that the client see a health care provider who is licensed or registered by a health-related licensing board or the commissioner of health, if there is a reasonable likelihood that the client needs to be seen by a licensed or registered health care provider.
The section on Maltreatment of Minors makes it clear that parents must seek appropriate medical treatment for children that that seeking treatment from a CAM practitioner does not absolve them of this. It also places a requirement on practitioners to report them if they don't seek appropriate treatment.

Beth Knudtsen-Spears
Knudtsen-Spears states -
Beth Knudtsen-Spears graduated from the Northwestern Academy of Homeopathy in 2002. The program required 4 years of study with the same science classes necessary for conventional nursing, and 18 months of supervised clinical practice.
Nursing in most countries is now a degree, although in some US States the Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) vocational route exists. Claims of equivalency are far fetched.

Knudtsen-Spears offers CEASE therapy.

Knudtsen-Spears is registered with CHC and is a member of the Minnesota Homeopathic Association.

Bill Torretti
Torretti briefly mentions CEASE therapy here. He is also involved in A Promise of Health
A Promise of Health's Mission is to build and maintain Homeopathic medical programs to serve Mexico's underserved indigenous people. The rural medical program includes the service of a highly qualified homeopathic doctor and provides patients with quality homeopathic medicine, prescribed by the doctor.

Carole Neary
Neary has a page on Homeopathy and CEASE therapy. It repeats the usual claims that vaccines cause autism, spells out the acronym and has an embedded video of Smits. Neary says some odd things there -
CEASE therapists are experienced credentialed homeopaths who undergo additional training given by certified CEASE therapy instructors, to guarantee the high quality of treatment and to ensure the correct application of this method. The homeopathic practitioners are only certified as CEASE therapists after having successfully passed the final exam. They stay in contact with all other CEASE therapists around the world by an interactive forum and receive continuing supervision.
Certified by who? Supervised by who? The "credentials" of most homeopaths are meaningless. Let's be clear - CEASE training consists of a single weekend.
How do we know that the remedies are responsible for this healing? The rapid response to the isopathic remedies is so characteristic, that there can be no doubt about the existence of a link between these toxins as the cause and the development of Autism, although this is not considered as scientific proof. However, using this method Dr. Smits discovered, step by step, why autism and other behavioral problems, with their specific developmental problems, have so dramatically increased over the last thirty years. Dr Smits' body of work also made it clear that autistic children do not suffer from one single cause but from an accumulation of different causes.​
Rapid response? Many homeopaths stress in their advertising that CEASE (supposedly) takes time to work.

Neary practices some very strange therapies. Quantum Healing Hypnosis Treatment (QHHT) includes past life regression but -
Some people experience Future Lives, Parallel Lives, Lives on Other Planets, Lives in Other Dimensions. Some people visit the Spirit Side. Some people find themselves in the Akashic Records and still others visit the Temple of Healing.

Neary doesn't really explain Reconnective Healing® -
Reconnective Healing® is a remarkable healing modality that is somewhat akin to Reiki in that it is a form of energy healing. However, Reconnective Healing® consists of an energy transfer to the energetic body using light and information that is being brought forward specifically for this time in our history.
It was invented by a chiropractor Eric Pearl who seems to be associated with Gary Schwartz. It's clear that Neary believes in spirit guides and the like.

Chris Wiencke
Wiencke has a page on CEASE therapy and repeats the claim vaccines cause autism, spells out the acronym and links to the CEASE therapy website. Many of the usual claims are repeated at some length.

There is a page on homeoprophylaxis. It's ill-informed and contradictory -
Homeoprophylaxis, or HP for short, provides protection from infectious diseases to people of all ages, without side effects. For parents who wish to avoid immunization for their children, HP provides an alternative to vaccinating.
However -
An immunological response to these nosodes is to be expected as normal part of HP. The reaction demonstrates the child’s immune system is responding appropriately. Occasionally a child will react more intensely to a particular remedy in the kit. These reactions are NOT toxic reactions. They represent a clearing affect. They are typically mild and short, lasting for 24 hours or less. 
Common reactions include: sleepiness, runny nose, mild fever, lower appetite, mild cough, looser stools, and/or sweat. Not all children will react to all remedies.
These sound strangely like side-effects. Not understanding the immune system is common among homeopaths -
Experts who express concerns about vaccines postulate that vaccines target the specific defense at the expense of the general. They believe that, while vaccines may prevent a disease such as measles, they actually weaken the general defense, leaving the individual more vulnerable to other diseases. HP educates both the general and the specific systems, especially strengthening the all-important cell-mediated response.

Wiencke is based in Minnesota. She used to be a member of the Minnesota Homeopathic Association but no longer appears to be.

Cindy Heelan
Heelan is a Registered Nurse and registered with the Maine Board of Nursing. Heelan was registered as a Family Nurse Practitioner. Heelan has a page on homeoprophylaxis.

Elizabeth Sherwood
Sherwood's home page is something else. Her About Me reveals tells us -
I am a certified Homeopath, Homeoprophylaxis Supervisor, and Reiki Energy Healer. I am trained in Bach Flower Therapy, Muscle Testing, and Tapping. I also find essential oils and herbal tinctures useful in my practice. After witnessing the efficacy of homeopathic treatment, my commitment as a homeopath has grown significantly. I would like to share my acquired knowledge and assist in creating balance and harmony with the mind, body and spirit of those in search for guidance and health.
That page also features certificates from Mommy Homeopathy and FHCI. Her page on homeoprophylaxis says nothing not seen before.

Henry Kostecki
Kostecki is a veterinary surgeon practicing in California. There doesn't seem to be any disclosure of his qualifications. Consumers may be lead to believe that he is a medical doctor. Kostecki is listed on the CEASE therapy website but does not seem to make mention of CEASE on his website. He also offers a number of bizarre tests and therapies.

Jessica Levy
Levy is another veterinary surgeon but based in Minnesota. Levy does not make any offer to treat humans. Levy is listed on the CEASE therapy website but makes no mention of it on her website. 

On her Therapeutic Tools page - 
Homeoprophylaxis refers to the use of homeopathic remedies in the prevention of disease. This avoids the side effects of vaccines, while improving the dogs' health. This is appropriate for puppies who have had an initial puppy shot or none, and for adult dogs who have not had any vaccines. If your dog has been vaccinated, you will need different homeopathic remedies and detailed homeopathic case-taking to treat the effects of vaccination. 

Treat the effects of vaccination? CEASE therapy for animals? What the Minnesota  Board of Veterinary Medicine would make of homeoprophylaxis is unknown.

Joanna Daly
Daly is originally from the UK. She is a lecturer at the UK School of Homeopathy  which is a long way from California. The About Jo Daly page states she was involved in the founding of Pacific Academy of Homeopathic Medicine (defunct) and is according to School of Homeopathy's website is Dean of Education at the School of Homeopathy, New York - there doesn't seem to be a website for this. It is not the New York School of Homeopathy. Whether the School of Homeopathy ever had a physical presence in New York is unclear. Daly's LinkedIn lists her on being on the faculty of the Centre for Homeopathic Education New York. The UK Centre of Homeopathic Education (CHE) did have a New York operation but not any longer. CHE have had problems.

Daly states she is a "certified" CEASE practitioner, spells out the acronym, links to the CEASE therapy website but says little more than that.

Kanyakumari Rudrangi
Rudrangi was missed off the previous post. She is a NASH member. She also has the Indian BHMS qualification. Rudrangi does not refer to herself as a Doctor on her website. Because the BHMS qualification is unrecognised outside of the Indian sub-continent, there are questions about residence and work permits.

Rudrangi has a page on CEASE therapy. Rudrangi doesn't make the claim that vaccines cause autism but does states that medication can. Rudrangi does not spell out the acronym. She does link to the CEASE therapy website.

There is a page on homeoprophylaxis which doesn't say very much.

Kari J. Kindem
Kindem is likely in breach of many California and Federal laws. Kindem has multiple websites and is also the supplier of many homeopathic remedies and dubious therapies. On her About page -
Kari J. Kindem, CFHom, CHP, CEASE Therapist, HTMA Practitioner is a Classical Homeopath with extensive clinical experience and a full time practice with a high volume of chronic and acute care prescribing.  She is certified and professionally trained in several effective homeopathic case analysis methods including Homeopathic Facial Analysis (HFA). She has studied advanced water dosing methods of the 5th and 6th Organon which includes C potencies in water as well as LM potencies, as developed by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, the Founder of homeopathic medicine. 
Kari has written over 23,000+ acute and chronic homeopathic prescriptions for hundreds of clients and their families all across the USA, Canada and internationally. She has worked with over 500+ cases in her practice. She has a wealth of clinical homeopathic medicine knowledge in a wide variety of diagnoses and issues. Because of her experience, her practice has a high success rate in complex cases.
Homeopaths do not have prescribing rights in California.

Kindem's websites include - 

Homeopathy for Women
AIT Institute for Auditory Integration Training
HTMA Experts - Hair Tests (website was down - archived version linked to).
Homeopathic Constitution
Homeopathy for Athletes
Homeopathic Remedies Online
Immunization Alternatives With Homeoprophylaxis
Sensory Processing Disorder Resources

The Homeopathy for Women website has a page on CEASE therapy. It is quite extensive in terms of detailing what Kindem does but whether it as per CEASE therapy training is unclear. It seems to be different from the way that some of the other homeopaths listed here practice. It's also at odds with her page on Autism Recovery but it may reflect what Kindem does before turning to CEASE which she says is for "difficult cases".

Immunization Alternatives With Homeoprophylaxis website unsurprisingly offers homeoprophylaxis services. It's somewhat misleading in places in that could be read that Kindem offers training in homeoprophylaxis - in fact it links elsewhere. Much of the content looks to be cut and pasted from elsewhere. The sheer amount of it is underwhelming. That it's badly organised doesn't help easier.

As discussed in a previous post, there are issues of the legality of supply of some of the homeopathic remedies used in CEASE and homeoprophylaxis. The Shipping Policies & Rates page reveals something interesting - 
All orders are drop shipped from various homeopathic lab or supplier directly to the customer.The shipping cost is preset, based on homeopathic provider, the product(s) shipped and/or the physical location of the homeopathic provider from where the product(s) are shipped.Remedies sold as a pill packet use medicated sucrose pellets.All of the homeopathic remedies and homeopathic products that are sold are made from reputable homeopathic labs in the USA, Europe and New Zealand. Homeopathic remedies must comply with FDA labeling requirements. All remedies are manufactured under strict Homeopathic Pharmacopeia guidelines.
Drop-shipping means that Kindem does not stock or handle the products herself but she is advertising them. The legalities are complicated. This guide produced by VISA is helpful -
A merchant is an Internet pharmacy if it sells, dispenses or markets, or facilitates the selling, dispensing or marketing of, a prescription or pharmacy-only medicinein response to orders placed over the Internet.
Merchants that facilitate the sale of prescription or pharmacy-only drugs, but do not directly ship the drugs themselves, sometimes claim that they are exempt from having to comply with regulatory requirements because they are not a pharmacy, but merely an affiliate marketer. For example, a merchant may state that they only operate the website and are not personally responsible for shipping the drugs. Or, they may argue that they are not licensed as pharmacies, therefore they cannot be called an Internet pharmacy. These arguments should be rejected. Any facilitation of prescription drug or pharmacy-only drug ordersconducted over the Internet should cause you to view the merchant as an Internet pharmacy.
California law may be different but that is unlikely. The California State Board of Pharmacy will be asked about this. 

Kathryn Z. Berg
Berg is based in Minnesota. Berg has a page on CEASE therapy. She makes some extraordinary claims.
With CEASE Therapy Your Child Will Be:
More communicative
Able to interact more with others
Less sensitive to noise
Willing to eat a wider variety of foods
Sleeping more hours per night (both parent and child)
 More regular in their digestive tract
 Able to pay attention
More affectionate
Less anxious
Able to tell you what is wrong
Less rigid
More tolerant of ambiguity
Less violent
Easier to parent
Berg also says says that CEASE will bring improvements in a few days. Oh dear. Berg spells out the acronym, links to the CEASE therapy website but again, curiously no claims that vaccines cause autism. Lyme disease and amalgam fillings are mentioned.

Many people are torn about their decision to vaccinate themselves or their children.  On the one hand, the medical profession utilizes fear, uncertainty and doubt to frighten people into get themselves or their children vaccinated.  On the other hand, there are many side effects of vaccinations and questions about whether they are even effective, not to mention the toxic ingredients such as mercury, formaldehyde and other adjuvants.
The irony of this statement is likely lost on Berg. She offers a shingles clinic and an influenza clinic (presumably offering homeoprophylaxis. There is a blogpost on Shingles which is bizarre. The epidemiology of shingles is complicated. It's caused by re-activation of the virus that causes chickenpox. If you've never had chickenpox, you can't develop shingles. Having had chickenpox before 18 months of age has increased risks as is immuno-suppression and age. It seems that exposure to children with chickenpox may have some protective effect. Unsurprisingly, because of this, a vaccine has been developed (or rather a higher dose of the chickenpox vaccine is used). Berg says -
But why are so many people getting Shingles?  Does anyone in the 40 – 60 age group remember anyone, such as your parents or grandparents, getting shingles when you were young?  Probably not.  Since the Chicken Pox vaccine has reduced the number of wild chicken pox cases, adults are not getting exposed to the Herpes Zoster virus when their children and grandchildren.  It is believed that by being exposed to Chicken Pox, the immune system gets reactivated, thus the specific response to the potentially active virus in the body is stronger. But without the wild chicken pox virus, the strengthening of the immune system simply cannot happen. 
Notice I am referring to the wild chicken pox virus.  Most people recognize that the Chicken Pox vaccine is not particularly effective.  Many children get chicken pox anyway, but it is a weakened case of it and they perhaps only get a few small pox.  Or what comes around does not last long enough to get much exposure.
One of the key things about shingles is that contracting a disease does not necessarily provide protection against future infection. It's a more complicated picture than 

Berg is recommended by Moms Using Homeopathy closed Facebook group (the associated website is sparse but has links to podcasts). As the group is closed, it's not known what goes on in there but some members are homeopaths. With 12,000 odd members, it has considerable reach and if promotion of anti-vaccination goes on by Minnesota homeopaths, let alone homeoprophylaxis...

Lilly Partha
Partha is a licensed acupuncturist in Illinois. Illinois law does allow the use of the use of various titles - 
Sec. 50. Practice prohibited. Unless he or she has been issued, by the Department, a valid, existing license as an acupuncturist under this Act, no person may use the title and designation of "Acupuncturist", "Licensed Acupuncturist", "Certified Acupuncturist", "Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine", "Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine", "Doctor of Acupuncture", "Oriental Medicine Practitioner", "Licensed Oriental Medicine Practitioner", "Oriental Medicine Doctor", "Licensed Oriental Medicine Doctor", "C.A.", "Act.", "Lic. Act.", "Lic. Ac.", "D.Ac.", "DACM", "DAOM", or "O.M.D." either directly or indirectly, in connection with his or her profession or business. No person licensed under this Act may use the designation "medical", directly or indirectly, in connection with his or her profession or business. Nothing shall prevent a physician from using the designation "Acupuncturist".
Partha has a page on CEASE therapy but her page on Autism Treatment says she is no longer accepting autistic patients. The latter contains -
I was trained and certified in the DAN (Defeat Autism Now) protocols before they stopped the certification process. I practiced as a DAN doctor for two years. The model is simple and very close to traditional medical practice. You get blood tests (quite a few, in the case of autism), see what's missing, and supply the deficient vitamins and minerals, usually compounded specifically for the patient. At the end of two years, after treating my son and a good number of other patients, I came to the following conclusions: (1) it didn't work, (2) it's very expensive for the patients. Even though it would have made more sense financially for me to continue being a DAN doctor, my conscience wouldn't allow it, and I changed the methods in my practice. I still use some elements of DAN, and recommend supplements as necessary, but do not focus on them.
This article on DAN! is long but worth reading.

Mary Baenen
On the page Vaccine Injury Baenan doesn't use the term "CEASE therapy", prefering "Homeopathic Detox" but it includes a graphic from Smits' book and elsewhere she links to the CEASE therapy website. 
The Goal in homeopathic treatment is to stimulate the immune system to work out all the different diseases which have become stuck in the system. At various times in treatment different methods may be initiated. The ongoing consult of the homeopath is necessary to work through the layers. Signs that demonstrate the immune system is working better to clear the vaccines include: the development of fevers, rashes, discharges,vomiting, diarrhea or other unburdening cleansing processes. These processes must not be hindered by medication aimed at suppressing the symptoms. If these are used the case will relapse and take longer to resolve. Each disease in its own time will be cleared from the system. As the immune system becomes more in balance it will be able to clear heavy metal toxicity, and allergic symptoms will diminish, cognitive function will increase. The longer a child stays in homeopathic treatment the greater promise of returning to their full potential in health.
Diseases? Surely energetic imprints of toxins? Baenen is clearly advocating neglect of children. 

Baenen has a page on homeoprophylaxis. She is a member of FHCI.

Nirupama Desai
Desai has the Indian BHMS qualification. She also has MD (Hom) which is another Indian qualification. It is NOT a medical qualification. Whether or not it confuses consumers is unclear. Desai does not use the title Doctor.

Desai has a page on CEASE. It looks to have be cut and pasted from the CEASE website.

Shiba Surti
Surti is another with the BHMS qualification.

Surti has a page on CEASE therapy

I work with children who are our “our future” and support them in their growth using the most natural, healthy and pure way.
When I see people suffering around me especially kids who have behavioral issues, autistic kids, special needs children, it saddens me. It saddens me even more when people around them do not understand these kids. Such situations make me feel helpless. If only there was a way to connect with these people and help them.
This heavy heart and search for hope led me to become a CEASE therapist. This training was an eye opener for me. I could see “hope for change” and a doorway for the parents or people who cannot be helped by conventional medicine. I have seen in my practice and my colleagues practice how CEASE has helped hundreds of families. It is really fulfilling to see the sparkle in the eyes of the children who were in a state where they could not feel emotions like everyone else does. I am overjoyed when parents come and tell me their child said “I love you Mom” and “I love you Dad” for the first time and really meant it.
Autistic children do feel emotions like everyone else. 

Surti has a page on homeoprophylaxis.

Sima Ash
Ash has written articles promoting CEASE therapy that have appeared on anti-vaccination websites such as Age of Autism, Thinking Mom's Revolution and Generation Rescue. Ash has lots of content related to CEASE on her website but this is the starting point. Ash seems to combine CEASE with other bizarre treatments such as REBA machine and associated homeopathic remedies.

Ash can be seen in this video -

At one point, it appears that Ash had a falling out with other CEASE practitioners. There are closed Facebook groups where homeopaths interact with patients and each other. At one point some of these groups would not allow Ash's patients to join but this may have changed.

Ash is based in California. There is a disclosure buried away on the website that she is not a medical practitioner. What the law isn't clear about is how prominent that disclosure needs to be.

Tania Dilmani
Tania Dilmani is a Celebrity Homeopath, Author & Speaker!
Some words have different meanings in homeopathy. Perhaps "celebrity" is one of them. She is hardly a well known name in US homeopathy. But look, here is a photo of her with Ricki Lake!


Dilmani is also a doula. Doulas are permitted in California but not regulated. It's not clear if Dilmani has had any training. That page also reveals that she is a CEASE practitioner but she doesn't seem to make very much of it. What she is big on is homeoprophylaxis

Dilmani runs Mommy Homeopathy. There used to be a website but it's dead. Dilmani has a number of websites and Facebook pages/groups. Mommy Homeopathy now uses the website. It seems to be about selling courses in becoming a "Mommy Certified Homeopath". Dilmani's qualifications in homeopathy are unknown but were sufficient for FHCI and the CEASE therapy outfit to accept her on their training. Kate Birch of FHCI appears on the website. Dilmani makes much of the potential to make "six figures". Homeopathy is rarely lucrative. It seems rather implausible.

Teresa Stewart
Stewart says she is on the Board of the Minnesota Homeopathic Association but isn't anymore. She's not updated her website. It looks as if Stewart was going to write about CEASE therapy but never got round to it. She did get round writing one on homeoprophylaxis and another on Vaccines and Immunity.

Ursula Dobelmann
Dobelman is on the board of FHCI. She has a page on homeoprophylaxis. She has a video -

That page links to another.

If vaccines aren’t safe wouldn’t the news report it?There will NOT be any information on TV or Radio, in Newspapers or Magazines about safety issues with vaccines because all of these media outlets rely heavily on the advertising money from the manufacturers of the vaccines. Please be diligent about your research into vaccines. In fact the supreme court has ruled that vaccines have unavoidable adverse side effects, and that is why ‘we’ have to protect the manufacturers.
There has been a long history of media inspired health scares. The Supreme Court of the United States case is Bruesewitz v. Wyeth. The meaning of "unavoidably unsafe" is explained here. There's also a misunderstanding of what the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act is.
Let’s change the conversation from being pro-vaccination or against vaccination to: “How can we keep children healthy, safe and prevent childhood diseases?” Let’s talk about Homeoprophylaxis!
There is an alternative to vaccination. Homeopathy has been healing and preventing disease safely and effectively for over 200 years without any toxic side effects.
Our goal with Homeoprophylaxis (HP) is to provide immune system education for children that are not vaccinated. However HP may be applied to healthy children that are partially vaccinated or fully vaccinated. In some cases the immune system has to be re-balanced with homeopathic remedies before beginning HP.
There is more. There are links to anti-vaccination groups and videos. It is clear that Dobelman is anti-vaccination. There's no pretence.

Saturday, 3 August 2019

Guardian story on CEASE therapy and homeoprophylaxis in the US #1

There was a recent Guardian story on CEASE therapy, homeprophylaxis and anti-vaccination sentiment among US homeopaths. In some ways it is strange that a UK newspaper was the first to cover this in any meaningful way. US media has covered MMS stories fairly extensively. There has also been considerable coverage of anti-vaccination groups and their propaganda.

Possibly one reasons that US media hasn't been very interesting in CEASE therapy or homeoprophylaxis is that homeopathic practitioners are comparatively rare in the US (although the market for over the counter (OTC) products appears large). This will be discussed in a future post.

It is important to stress that the US is different from other developed countries in other ways when it comes to homeopathy. The regulation of products is different, there is little the way of effective consumer protection and consumer behaviour can often appear less sophisticated. The lack of universal health care (and subsequent health inequalities) is likely to have profound impacts on consumer behaviour but they are impossible to quantify.

The regulation of homeopathic drugs is discussed here. Like their UK counterparts, US lay homeopaths are either ignorant of legislation or choose to ignore it. There is certainly a great deal of misrepresentation going on (which is another story). The Guardian article contains something puzzling though -
The Guardian asked the FDA to state its current position on both Cease and homeoprophylaxis. The agency did not comment on the two programs specifically, but said in a statement that the “FDA has warned about the use of products labeled as homeopathic because of concerns that they have not been shown to offer clinical benefits in treating serious and/or life-threatening medical conditions, and that they also may cause serious harm.” 
The FDA added: “It deeply concerns us when we see preventable diseases such as measles – a life-threatening infection we thought we had eliminated in the US in 2000 – now making a tragic comeback and threatening our communities, despite having a vaccine available that is safe and highly effective. A factor contributing to the measles outbreak is inaccurate and misleading information about vaccines rather than the reliance on accurate, scientific-based information.”
As the linked to article makes clear, if a product is not in the Homoeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States, it can not be sold over the counter. It can only be supplied in response to a doctor's prescription. In other words, it can not be supplied to or by lay homeopaths.

This Consideration of Homeopathic Medicine as a Vaccine Alternative from the American Association of Homeopathic Pharmacists (AAHP - a trade organisation for homeopathic drug manufacturers) makes it clear that the FDA regarded products marketed as an alternative to vaccination as illegal - 
As the public debate on vaccinations rises, more healthcare providers and parents alike seek information. The American Association Homeopathic Pharmacists (AAHP) reminds manufacturers and marketers that the promotion of any product—homeopathic or otherwise—as an over-the-counter alternative to a vaccine is a violation of federal and state law. Furthermore, in a letter to the Homeopathic Pharmacopeia Convention of the United States, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) specifies its position that the use of homeopathic medicines for disease prevention is considered a violation of the law.
 And -
Additionally, most cases of an infectious disease are not self-limiting; the symptoms and diagnosis need to be confirmed by laboratory tests. These are contributing factors as to why the FDA requires any product labeled for prophylaxis of a serious health condition that is not self-diagnosed to be sold pursuant to a prescription. 
It should be noted that the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States (HPUS) restricts most nosodes to prescription-only sales to ensure diagnosis or monitoring under a trained medical professional. Nosodes are a specific category of homeopathic medicines in which active ingredients derive from pathological organs or tissues with causative agents such as bacteria, fungi, etc. There are 21 nosodes accepted by the HPCUS.

There is also a link to this which clearly states -
The use of homeopathic medicine for the prevention of disease is controversial and not well supported in the literature. In addition, the FDA considers homeopathic ‘vaccinations’ to be violative. The following is an excerpt of an official FDA correspondence to HPCUS in May 1997: “This letter is sent regarding our recent conversation concerning products claiming to be homeopathic nosodes that are intended to prevent various diseases through vaccination, including childhood diseases such as measles, mumps, rubella, pertussis, diptheria, polio, tetanus, etc. It appears to us that such products can not be defines as homeopathic when intended to prevent disease through vaccination. This position is based on the fact that such substances, again when used for preventing disease through vaccination, are not being administered for healing the sick, as the definition of homeopathy requires. The individual being treated is not sick at the time the drug is administered. Further, they are not in keeping with the basic tenet of homeopathy, that is ‘similia similibus curentur’, since they are not be offered to ‘cure a like’ but to prevent a disease.” This statement speaks for itself and makes abundantly clear FDA’s position on the use of homeopathic medicines for prophylaxis.
It is possible that the FDA's position has changed. It is more likely FDA has corporate amnesia. 22 years is a long time and there will have been considerable staff turnover. Large organisations generate huge amounts of information. Not all can be kept. HPCUS is the HomÅ“opathic PharmacopÅ“ia Convention of the United States.

Access to HPUS costs money hence it is impossible to certain but the homeopathic drugs made from vaccines used in CEASE therapy are extremely unlikely to be included. If they contain live or deactivated virus, they would be regarded as nosodes for one thing. Both the AAHP and HPCUS have been asked about CEASE therapy but did not respond.

Likewise, the FDA when concerns were raised regarding CEASE therapy and homeoprophylaxis did not even acknowledge the concerns. To be fair, the FDA is a huge bureaucracy and finding the right department/person can be hard.

The selling of homeopathic drugs is one thing, the offering of homeopathic services another. But both CEASE therapy and homeoprophylaxis are tied to specific homeopathic drugs. If you offer them, you are selling homeopathic drugs that are not in HPUS unless clients obtain them via a different route.

It's not known where these homeopathic drugs originate from. If they originate from AAHP members, this would be awkward for the AAHP. They may come from compounding pharmacies in the US but the lack of a prescription (lay homeopaths do not have prescribing rights) would make this illegally questionable. It is possible that someone other than a pharmacy is manufacturing them in the US. This would be illegal. Compared to other some other countries, the US takes a strong line on personal importation but it important to remember that a lay homeopath obtaining homeopathic drugs from another country for supply to others  would be commercial importation.

Homeopathic associations
Whilst there are few doctors who use homeopathy in the US, the majority of practitioners are not medically qualified. Whilst some naturopaths, chiropractors, acupuncturists etc may incorporate homeopathy into their practice, the vast majority of those offering CEASE therapy and/or homeoprophylaxis are unqualified lay persons.

Of course, there are various "schools" and "colleges" that offer training and "qualifications" but they are not recognised by any official body. Sometimes these institutions may a great deal out of "accreditation" by bodies that sound official which are anything but.

The Council for Homeopathic Certification (CHC) claims that it protects consumers by certifying the qualifications of homeopaths. It's probably the largest homeopathy organisation in the US. It claims - 
The CHC has certified nearly 1000 homeopaths in the US and Canada.
To put this into perspective, the UK has a population of roughly 67 million. The US 327 million. The UK has probably just under 2,000 identifiable lay homeopaths that belong to associations (the number that do not - impossible to determine but it is unlikely to be more than a few hundred). Either US lay homeopaths are not "joiners", there aren't that many of them or possibly local associations are more important (this seems unlikely).

The CHC does have a Code of Ethics etc but it doesn't come across as a membership body with any intent of regulating members. Indeed, it has been made aware of issues regarding CEASE therapy and homeoprophylaxis but doesn't seem to think that either represents a problem.

The North American Society of Homeopaths (NASH) is closer to the kind of homeopathy association seen in other countries. This page states -
“The North American Society of Homeopaths (NASH) is dedicated to promoting, representing, and serving as the voice of all PROFESSIONAL homeopaths in North America. NASH aims to develop and uphold the highest level of excellence in homeopathic practice while enhancing the role of the homeopathic profession as an integral part of health care delivery.”
Curiously, it makes no mention of protecting the public. Having a Defence Fund seems, well, defensive. NASH has surprisingly few members (rough estimate is less than 200 in the US, but that may be wrong, although the Defence Fund figures do bear this out). Even so, it is likely larger than any other association bar the CHC.

NASH does have a Code of Ethics but whether or not it means anything is another matter. Again, NASH have has been made aware of issues regarding CEASE therapy and homeoprophylaxis but doesn't seem to think that either represents a problem. This is naive at best. 

Problem NASH Homeopaths
Rather than look at all practitioners who can be determined as offering CEASE therapy and/or homeoprophylaxis, this post only looks at NASH members. Non-NASH homeopaths will be looked at in a future post. It's also the case that some of the most problematic homeopaths are NASH members.

Kate Birch and Free and Healthy Children International
It makes sense to start with Birch. Along with the organisation Free and Healthy Children International (FCHI - which promotes homeoprophylaxis) she was the focus of the Guardian story. To quote her bio on the NASH website -
Kate Birch has been a Registered member of NASH since 1994, is certified by the Council for Homeopathy, is a certified CEASE therapist and a certified homeoprophylaxis provider. She has trained under international masters from Europe, Japan and India. She has been in practice since 1994. She is an international lecturer, book author and clinician specializing in family practice, infectious disease, vaccine injury and homeoprophylaxis. She served as the NASH Vice President from 2005-2007 and is the co-founder and past director of Free and Healthy Children International (Access to Homeoprophylaxis). She is available for local and long distance clients.
To focus on Free and Healthy Children International (FCHI) to begin with, it appears that it was set up by Birch along with Cilla Whatcott. Birch and Whatcott co-authored  The Solution: Homeoprophylaxis: The Vaccine Alternative. Whatcott left FCHI in 2014 (along with Cathy Lemmon) and is now associated with Homeoprophylaxis: A Worldwide Choice (HPWWC). Whatcott, Lemmon and HPWWC will be discussed in a future post.

FCHI offers training in homeoprophylaxis. Birch claims that it has trained 250 practitioners and that there are 80 practitioners who are "under supervision". Only 67 practitioners are listed on the website. The training covers "childhood" diseases such as -
And there is mention of a "supplemental program" but it is not clear what disease it might cover.

There is also "Travel HP". FCHI gives examples of diseases -
FCHI "spread the message" about homeoprophylaxis in a number of ways. 
FHCi will work with relief organizations, Non-Governmental Organization (NGOs) and the World Health Organization (WHO) as much as possible to ensure an individual’s right to access HP for disease prevention.
This is chilling in the context of something below...

This 2015 Annual Report reveals FHCI were trying to strengthen National Health Freedom Coalition (its website is giving a 403 - Forbidden error but archives reveal it to have an anti-vaccination strand) and National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC). Both are well known as anti-vaccination propaganda organisations and where the subject of another Guardian story. FHCI also receive money via AmazonSmile. Some anti-vaccination groups do promote homeoproprophylaxis and FHCI. FHCI is also part of the Homeopathic Action Alliance

But there is worse. FHCI provide money/support to Western homeopaths' activities in the developing world -
FHCI accreditation requirements depend on whether applicants are homeopaths - others are required to complete other training (some provided by Birch). There is an accreditation course that is online and lasts two days. It costs $200. An accreditation fee of $200 is also payable every year. But...
To maintain Certification one must achieve 5 Certification Points annually:Enroll HP Child                     1 point per childGive public lecture                5 points annuallyRepeat training                     5 points for full 4 hours (reduced cost)Publish article/blog on HP    5 points per articleServe on FHCi committee    5 points (If you are interested in serving on a committee, please contact us.)

Before looking at Birch's website, masochistic readers might want to listen to this Be Reasonable podcast and also Ed Pilkington's interview (which was for the Guardian article).

This page on Tropical Diseases contains something telling - 
In the US nosodes are only available through doctors and some homeopathic practitioners. Nosodes are available for direct purchase from European  homeopathic pharmacies. All other remedies are available for over the counter purchase or phone order from US homeopathic pharmacies.
So, Birch is aware of the legal restrictions on the supply of nosodes even if she implies they can be obtained from some homeopathic practitioners who are not doctors. 

Birch is undoubtedly sincere in her beliefs. It would be difficult for even the most cynical charlatan to maintain a "poker face" for so many years. 

Alison Broadley
Broadley is President of the Minnesota Homeopathic Association (MHA) as well as being involved with the CHC. Broadley offers CEASE therapy, has an entry on the website but does not link to it or make much mention of CEASE on her website. There is a page of links to anti-vaccination propaganda - including to the National Vaccine Information Center. Without doubt, Broadley is anti-vaccination.

It's known that Broadley has given public talks but likely only to small gatherings.

Amber Currie
Currie is a member of FHCI and offers homeoprophylaxis

Currie uses the BioSET machine. It isn't exactly clear what is from the manufacturer's website but fround elsewhere -
BioSET™ (Bioenergetic Sensitivity and Enzyme Therapy) is a modern healing system that combines the ancient science of acupuncture and the body’s meridian system and 21st century electromagnetic technology and computer software for the diagnosis of food and environmental allergies, chemical sensitivities, toxicity, and weakness of organ systems. Developed over the last 25 years, this desensitization protocol has had great success in the elimination of sensitivities to these substances, which have been shown to contribute to chronic health problems. 
The BioSET system consists of three essential components based on electromagnetic testing with a computerized electro-acupuncture device for acupuncture meridian sensitivity testing.
1. Specific organ detoxification using individually biocompatible homeopathic remedies to enhance decomposition and drainage of toxins from organ systems.
2. The use of individualized digestive and systemic full spectrum vegetarian enzyme blends to enhance digestion, allow proper nutrient absorption and repair and maintain the immune system by decreasing the CIC (circulating immune complexes) caused by undigested food, which escapes through  the gut into the blood stream.
3. A non-invasive, safe, natural desensitization technique that often permanently eliminates food and environmental allergies and sensitivities.

The manufacturer also carries a range of expensive supplements. Strangely it doesn't sell homeopathic remedies.

Currie also offers Metabolic Balance® Nutrition Plan which seems to originate from Germany. It's not clear what its business model is but there are blood tests involved and it looks as if it is really in the business of selling "training" to practitioners rather than selling products to consumers. 

Amy Rozen
Rozen is the founder of The Remedy Center. Her bio there makes mention of homeoprophylaxis but otherwise the site does not make many marketing claims. Rozen's Facebook account is full of anti-vaccination propaganda.

Rozen is on the Board of FHCI. Rozen gave a talk on homeoprophylaxis for a local chapter (it's unknown if she is a member) of the Holistic Moms Network (HMN) which gives some insight. HMN certainly do have strong links to anti-vaccination groups. Their "advisors" include Barbara Loe Fisher who is President of the NVIC and Sheri Tenpenny. And Dana Ullman. HMN is supported by several homeopathic remedy manufacturers.

Rozen went off to Tanzania to help Jeremy Sherr who at various points has claimed to be able to cure HIV/AIDS with homeopathy (although experience is likely to have shown him otherwise).

Rozen is a New Jersey Registered Nurse and also a Doula. It appears she is studying to become a Family Nurse Practitioner (likely online). It is suggested that anti-vaccination propaganda and homeoprophylaxis are incompatible with nursing.

Andrea Kraft
Kraft is listed on the CEASE therapy website but no mention of CEASE is made on her own website. Kraft may have have attended a course but does not practice CEASE therapy, in which case, she should request removal of her listing.

Anne Johnston Smith
Johnston Smith is listed on the CEASE therapy website but again no mention of CEASE is made on her own website

Brenda Plascencia
Plascencia has a page on CEASE therapy on her website which quote verbatim a lot of what is on the the CEASE therapy website. She repeats the claims that vaccines cause autism, spells out the acronym "Complete Elimination of Autistic Spectrum Expression", promotes Smits' book and links to the CEASE therapy website. Not that this as problematic in the US as the UK (and the rest of the EU and some other Western countries with effective consumer protection legislation and advertising regulation). It's known that NASH don't really care either.

Plascencia is a member of FHCI and her website has a page on homeoprophylaxis.

Plascencia is originally from Mexico, but lives in Texas. Her website provides information in Spanish as well as English.

Deborah Landowne
Landowne's somewhat sparse website reveals that she offers both CEASE therapy and homeoprophylaxis.

It's known that Landowne gave a talk to the local chapter of the Weston A Price Foundation (WAPF) about homeoprophylaxis (no link as it looks as if either geo-blocking is going on or access is being restricted in another way). WAPF may not appear overtly anti-vaccination but it does include a number of anti-vaccinationists among its board members including Suzanne Humphries and Laura Hayes who is associated with Age of Autism. WAPF does have anti-vaccination content on its website - see this example. Its known that local chapters do host anti-vaccination speakers and some local chapters have anti-vaccination members. Whether or not WAPF and HMN are used by homeopaths et al as a captive market is unknown.

Diderik Finne
"Dr." Diderik Finne would appear to live in Virginia. He is a homeopath and acupuncturist. Homeopathy isn't regulated in any state but acupuncture is in Virginia. It appears that Finne is not registered with Virginia Department of Health Professions for acupuncture. It isn't clear what his justification for the use of the title "Doctor" is and if he were a Licensed Acupuncturist, there would be problems. Virginia regulations state -
8VAC85-110-110. Limitation of titles. 
A person practicing as a licensed acupuncturist is restricted to the use of the titles "Lic.Ac." or "L.Ac." and shall not use the terms "physician" or "doctor" in his name or practice unless he simultaneously uses a clarifying title, initials, abbreviation or designation or language. 
Finne in other places claims to be a "Doctor of Acupuncture" but there is no clarification on his website. Finne would appear to have an MS from the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine but it seems improbable that would allow him to use that title. His entry on the NASH website shows his residence in VA but practicing not use in VA but also Rhode Island and possibly New York (entries on other websites give a New York address). Finne, like Broadley is involved with the CHC Case Review committee. Which might explain something...

From this page -
Q. I've heard that homeopathy is harmful. Is this true? 
I have been a homeopathic patient for 25 years and have not suffered any ill effects. I have treated hundreds of patients without doing any harm. You should be aware that the pharmaceutical industry uses "hired guns" to attack alternative medicine in the media and on the internet. Their arguments are not even logical--they assert, for example, that homeopathy is both placebo effect AND harmful--but the industry's huge advertising and lobbying budget ensures that this disinformation is widely disseminated.
The irony is that critics of homeopathy do not receive any money from the pharmaceutical industry. Homeopathy doesn't appear on the radar of Big Pharma. It's not really a concern for them. Far too small, has little impact on their business. Homeopathic manufacturers do pay for lobbyists, do sponsor various organisations that are aligned with homeopathy even if not dedicated entirely to homeopathy. Incorrectly manufactured homeopathic remedies have been found to contain detectable levels of ingredients. The risks posed by reliance on homeopaths/homeopathy as (preventative) treatment are well understood. 

This document may promote homeoprophylaxis but it is not exactly clear what it is trying to convey but Finne is obviously anti-vaccination. Nor is it clear if Finne offers homeoprophylaxis to clients. 

Finne doesn't mention CEASE therapy on his website. The Case Histories are alarming to read (there is a very obvious example of neglect) and much is made of autism and vaccinations but CEASE isn't specifically mentioned. His entry on the NASH website says he is certified in CEASE though.

Eden A. Pfeiffer
California doesn't regulate homeopathy but what it does do is required unlicensed practitioners to state that they are unlicensed. This guidance from the California Naturopathic Medicine Committee explains the legal requirements - 

Do I need to be licensed to practice naturopathy or homeopathy inCalifornia? 
No. You do not need a license to practice naturopathy and homeopathy inCalifornia. However, you must disclose in your advertisements and onyour client intake form that you are providing unlicensed healing artsservices (Business and Professions Code sections 2053.5 and 2053.6). 
Can I advertise as a naturopath? 
Yes. You may advertise as a naturopath, traditional naturopath, orhomeopath but you must state in your advertisements that you are notlicensed by the State of California. 

Her disclosure can be found on her About page but it contains a broken link to the California Health Freedom Coalition. It's supposed to link to this

Pfeiffer offers homeoprophylaxis. If the amount of space devoted is an indication, she is extremely anti-vaccination. The impression is that she devotes more space to the evils of vaccination than promoting her practice. Pfeiffer links to the very strange ThinkTwice Global Vaccine Institute website which seems not to be an Institute of any kind but actually New Atlantean Books which is owned by Neil Z Miller who has written some of the books they publish and so on.

Her About page says that she has CEASE therapy training but doesn't make any more mention of if than that. She is no listed on the CEASE therapy website. 

Pfeiffer also offers Metabolic Balance®

Jackie Krammer
Krammer is very keen on homeoprophylaxis

Her page on Homeopathy has a section on flu where she offers homeoprophylaxis for it. The page also links to Flu Solution which has a section on Ebola listing various homeopaths -
If you are in touch with Africans who are sick with this disease please contact any of the experienced homeopaths listed here, they are offering their services free of charge to help guide you, your loved ones and their care givers in the use of homeopathic remedies. They are also working towards the broader aim of discovering the genus epidemicus, this means the remedy or remedies that can be used as a prophylactic to this disease. If you wish to know more about the individual practitioners listed here please consult their personal web sites.
Krammer isn't on that list but others mentionined in this post are. Also on the Homeopathy page is this -
All homeopathic remedies are prepared in a homeopathic pharmacy to insure consistent quality. Remedies are reviewed for safety and effectiveness by the FDA.
Manufactuers have be cGMP compliant (and there have been cases where they've not been) and homeopathic remedies are not reviewed for effectiveness by the FDA. US homeopaths seem to have a real blind spot when it comes to regulation.

Jeffrey Prickett
Prickett is a Florida licensed Psychologist and Acupuncturist. Prickett is a Doctor of Psychology - given the nature of clinical psychology, acupuncture and homeopathy seems odd.

Prickett is listed on the CEASE therapy website. He has a blog entry on CEASE. 

Jennette Cable
Cable has the ND qualification. Wisconsin does not recognise naturopathy and Cable would not be permitted to call herself a Naturopathic Doctor or the like. 

Cable says she is "core faculty" at the American Medical College of Homeopathy (AMCH). AMCH ceased to exist a separate organisation in 2015. The courses are now run by a subsidiary of the Phoenix Institute of Herbal Medicine and Acupuncture (PIHMA) and doesn't appear to be on the faculty there. Whether the AMCH was a "medical college" in the commonly accepted sense of the phrase seems unlikely. Perhaps Cable hasn't updated her website?

Cable also says that she is a perceptor at Aurora Family Medicine Residency. Given some of the electives, this is possible. 
Cable has a page on CEASE which spells out the acronym, makes the claim that vaccines cause autism as well as linking to the CEASE therapy website. Cable makes claims about the conditions it can treat -
Originally developed for the treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorder, CEASE has been proven effective on a wide variety of disorders including Attention Deficit Disorder, Lyme Disease, Fibromyalgia, Lupus, MS, Lou Gehrig’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease, and more.
Cable also offers homeoprohylaxis. Cable also offers some very strange things such as VoiceBio® and other "sound therapies".

Jerry Kantor
Kantor is a homeopath and an acupuncturist in Massachusetts. Massachusetts regulates acupuncture but does not seem to have an online register. There is no reason to suppose that Kantor is not registered. The use of Chinese herbs by acupuncturists in Massachusetts requires additional training and it is noted on the license. Again, there is no reason to suppose that Kantor does not have this.

On his About page Kantor reveals involvement with both Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women's Hospital. That page also tells us -

His book Autism Reversal Toolbox, Strategies, Remedies, Resources, Emryss Publications, WE Haarlem, 2015 expands upon Tinus Smits’ CEASE protocol that utilizes a homeopathic/isopathic approach to autism spectrum disorders in which Mr. Kantor is certified.
In 2010 Mr. Kantor was certified in CEASE (Complete Elimination of Autism Spectrum Expression) therapy. This is comprehensive method of treatment developed by Dr. Tinus Smits of Holland:
On his Autism Resources page there is a link to a review of his book Autism Reversal Toolbox, Strategies, Remedies, Resources can on Thinking Mom's Revolution (TMR). Apparently, various TMR members have used his services and to quote -
Full disclosure: a number of the Thinking Moms (not including myself) have consulted with Mr. Kantor and his book is dedicated to us: “a cadre of dauntless and brilliant women who, as they know more than most of their doctors about autism (and act accordingly), have been a valued resource and inspiration.”)
TMR, as a group, is anti-vaccination. The book also contains a chapter on homeoprophylaxis but it is not clear if Kantor offers it. The Autism Resouces page also links to Fearless Parent - yet another group that is anti-vaccination that counts Kelly Brogan as Medical Director.

Kantor is also a publisher and is behind Right Whale Press which mostly publishes his own books. 

Jhuma Biswas
Biswas's website has a page on Homeopathic Detox/Clears. The URL shows its really about CEASE. That page also mentions Ton Jansen and Homeopathic Detox Therapy (HDT - which is basically CEASE therapy). Biswas apparently collaborates with Jerry Kantor.
NOTE:  Jerry Kantor, author of Autism Reversal Toolbox, and I work together as a joint team on most of the ASD cases that come to his practice as well as some of mine. For consultations regarding Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), please call my office for details.
Kantor makes no mention of this on his website. Biswas on her About mentions CEASE, HDT and homeoprophylaxis as well as - 
A former chapter leader of the Holistic Moms Network, a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization that is dedicated to supporting families and individuals interested in green and healthful living, she is an advocate of organically grown, local sources of food, and other sustainable choices for the environment.
Biswas can be seen in this video about treating Lyme disease with homeopathy.

Her blog is unreadable.

Jiuan Heng
It is interesting to note that Heng's Facebook account makes mention of CEASE (as well as containing anti-vaccination propaganda) but her website only very briefly mention CEASE on her About page. Her Facebook account also reveals her giving talks to a local HMN chapter. 

Julee Stanley
Stanley does not appear to have her own website but her entry on the NASH website shows that she offers CEASE therapy and homeoprophylaxis.

Kavitha Kukunoor
Kukunoor is originally from India and has the Batchelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery (BHMS) qualification. It is not recognised in the US. Whilst in the Indian sub-continent, holders can call themselves "Doctor", there could be legal problems if it were used in the US. To her credit, Kukunoor doesn't use the title.

Kukunoor is on the Board of FHCI. Kukunoor mentions homeoprophylaxis on her website but doesn't go into much detail.

It looks as if Kukunoor makes trips to India. Kukunoor is on the organising committee of HPWWC's 2020 conference as well as being one of the speakers.

Kristen Santangelo
Santangelo's website has a page on homeoprophylaxis which repeats claims made by FHCI etc. It is otherwise unremarkable. 

Lauri Grossman
"Doctor" Grossman qualified as a chiropractor but is registered as inactive in New York. However, the NASH Code of Ethics states -
4.01 The homeopath shall not use the title “Doctor” unless licensed as an MD, DO, ND, DC, OMD, etc., by the state in which he/she practices.
Whether being inactive allows her to do is unknown. There's a lot of her website that doesn't make sense. Here she is described as a "thought leader" - a meaningless phrase. Her LinkedIn profile seems at odds with some of the "positions" that she claims to have had. This page on her "professional journey" also puts some of those positions. There is something out about her claim to have been in private practice since 1984 - which predates her DC by years, let alone her homeopathic training. Not that a bit of exaggeration and contradictory information matters in the grand scheme of things. 

Of more concern is Grossman's involvement with Homeopaths Without Borders (HWB). HWB has come in for strong criticism over the years.

Grossman mentions that she's had CEASE therapy training and is listed on the CEASE therapy website but that's all.

Linda Baker
Baker is a real Doctor. Interestingly, compared to others that aren't, she doesn't call herself Doctor all the time. Baker is trained in CEASE therapy and homeoprophylaxis. It appears that she can give talks on both.

Baker spoke at this HPWWC event (strangely branded "Worldwide Choice"). She also turns up on Whatcott's Real Immunity website. It's not clear if she features in Whatcott's video. There's no evidence that Baker provides vaccination exemptions but non-medical exemptions can be obtained very easily online in Oregon without the need for a doctor to provide one. There is a push to remove non-medical exemptions (see this story). 

What the Oregon Medical Board would make of any of this is unknown but they would be unlikely to do anything.

Lise M. Battaglia
Battaglia's website is badly designed. Much of the content is not directly accessible from the home page.
Lise Battaglia is uniquely trained as an addictions professional, CEASE practitioner, GAPS practitioner and Biofield practitioner- providing an exclusive, personalized ,integrative experience in natural wellness care.
The page on CEASE is very curious. It makes no mention of vaccination. In fact, there don't seem to be signs anywhere of Battaglia making anti-vaccination comments.
For CEASE therapy to be most effective, it must be part of a more complete and broader system of  integrative healthcare for restoring health.  Our framework consists of CEASE remedies, Bach Flower Essences, Biofield Tuning, Microbiome (gut) restoration through culinary nutrition, supplements, organ support, cleansing techniques and hyrotherapy   for effective elimination and detoxification.
Again, Tinus Smits would not approve of some of this. It's not clear what "hyrotherapy" is. If hydrotherapy is meant that could mean all sorts of things but may well mean Epsom salt baths, which seem very popular in the world of quackery. Biofield Tuning seems to involve waving tuning forks at clients.

The page on homeoprophylaxis reveals that Battaglia is a member of FHCI and it comes with all sorts of disclaimers.  

Lyn Farrugia
Farrugia has a page on CEASE Autism and Vaccine Related Health Concerns. It spells out the acronym and makes the usual claims that vaccines cause autism. It also links to a number of other websites including which is run by a Swiss heilpraktiker Andreas Bachmair who has published a number of anti-vaccination books. It is unusual to see US anti-vaccinationists link to a European source - normally it's the reverse. 

There is also a Resources page that quotes from and links to Natural News among other things. It quotes a story about a flu vaccine being suspended from use in under 5s in Australia in 2010. because of febrile convulsions. To quote -
Chemically induced convulsions? As you're reading this, you may find yourself wonder, "Well, what could cause such convulsions in children?" 
The answer is more terrifying than you might think, because it's not "weakened flu viruses" that vaccine manufacturer claim they put into the vaccines. A weakened flu virus doesn't send children into convulsions. Only a chemical can do that.
Actually, they can. It is also interesting to note that Australia now has SmartVax adverse reaction monitoring system. AusVaxSafety publishes the results.  

Marci Mearns
Mearns' website is sparse to say the least. All it really contains are links to FHCI and a faq on homeoprophylaxis. This is odd given that Mearns is on the FHCI Board with the role "technology". Mearns' Facebook account has anti-vaccination posts.

Marea Kavanagh
Kavanagh trained in homeopathy in the UK but makes the mistake of thinking that having BSc Homeopathy is a "License to Practice". It isn't. Her About page makes mention of CEASE and links to the CEASE therapy website but doesn't really say a lot.

Martha DeMarco
DeMarco is the daughter of psychologist Roger Callahan who invented Thought Field Therapy (which is the ancestor of Emotional Freedom Technique described in this post). Unsurprisingly, DeMarco practices it.

DeMarco offers homeoprophylaxis and is a member of FCHI.

Marti Yokiel
Yokiel doesn't seem to have a website. Her entry on the NASH website reveals she practices CEASE. She is a Registered Nurse in Minnesota.

Marybeth Buchele
Buchele's uninformative website has a Crendentials page that reveals she has CEASE therapy training and that she has been to Africa to treat AIDS with homeopathy. It looks like she also offers to treat Ebola.

Myra Nissen
Nissen has a page on CEASE therapy/HDT but goes into much more detail in this blog post

On the page My Opinion on Vaccination -
Vaccination is a personal consideration and choice. I offer alternatives for those that choose them. I absolutely advocate a person doing as much research as they need to feel satisfied in whatever choice they make. I respect everyone’s decision. It is their right. 
I offer two alternatives:1) If you choose traditional vaccinations, I offer a homeopathic method to help mitigate negative side effects. If you want to find out more about using homeopathy to mitigate the negative side effects of traditional vaccinations, contact me.
2) I offer homeoprophylaxis, a system of homeopathic treatment that helps teach your body about the energy of disease and how to respond to disease. Studies have shown that this process will eventually produce immune antibodies. Homeoprophylaxis can be used with children and adults, for domestic and travel reasons. If you want homeoprophylaxis here is what you can do.
Will eventually produce antibodies? Nissen links to some websites that do provide accurate and balanced information on vaccination but also links to sites that are virulent anti-vaccination and full of disinformation. "Do your research" is an anti-vaccination trope in itself. Another article tends to reinforce the perception that Nissen is anti-vaccination but does not want to come right out and say it.
Not long ago the general consensus about receiving vaccinations was positive. I remember standing in line with my family to get the new polio vaccination at the local school gymnasium. I felt very patriotic. I believed that what I was doing was correct and just. We were helping rid the world of dreaded diseases and protecting our loved ones.
So what happened to change her mind? 

Nissen also offers some strange things. It wasn't not clear what DNAGenetique™ is but if this is correct, it's a genetic test. The vendor Deseret Biologicals may not manufacture the kits or perform the laboratory tests themselves. One thing is clear though, Nissen lacks the education to interpret the results. The ALCAT test is a bizarre and ineffective blood test for allergies and food intolerances.

Nissen also offers Metabolic Balance®.

Nissen is a Director of NASH.

Noel Peterson
Peterson has a page on homeoprophylaxis. It doesn't say a lot. It links to FCHI and discredited "evidence". But it also links to Peterson's wife's website Everyday HP. There is an associated Facebook account.

Frankly, Everyday HP makes for chilling reading. It's impossible to sum up how bad they are. 

Pamela Swanson
Swanson uses "RN" on her website - it mean Registered Nurse. Swanson was a Nurse but her registration expired in 2014. In the UK, it would not be permitted to use the equivalent RGN if not registered. It's not clear if it is permitted in Florida.

Swanson offers CEASE therapy - not just explicitly on this page but makes reference to it elsewhere. It is interesting to note that -
CEASE AUTISM NOW trained. Pamela uses a modified method of the CEASE protocol which includes removal of obstacles to cure. Also she uses homeopathy in low potencies to ensure minimal or non-existent aggravations during path to cure.
Tinus Smits would not have approved.

Swanson seems obsessed with heavy metal toxicity and especially mercury

At first glance it looks as if Swanson may use chelation.
At Homeopathy for Children we support a chelating method that you can use to treat your child. Sometimes a child can have reactions when mercury is being pulled from the deeper tissues. The homeopathic remedies will minimize the effect this has on the body. Any side effects from the heavy metal removal are normally quickly contained and reversed by reverting to a lower dose of the chelators for a period of time and by the use of the homeopathic remedies. 
If your child is having symptoms during chelation it is because the organs are unable to handle and eliminate the amount of mercury that was being pulled into the bloodstream, so using an easily manageable method is critical. Gentle is always the key. This is where a natural treatment for heavy metal toxicity comes into play!
It would be surprising if Swanson carried out IV chelation herself if for no other reasons than her indemnity insurance would not cover it. "Chelation" might just be another way of describing CEASE.

Renita Herrmann
Herrmann has an article about CEASE therapy on her website. It doesn't say very much about CEASE therapy itself, it consists mostly of strange anecdotes. Some of it is very puzzling -
Once a child starts detoxing, they may experience what may appear to be a regression. Often this can be the child picking up growth from where it stopped. The child that enters the spectrum at age 2, and is now age 6, will reenter the family at age 2. This may seem logical, but when your child starts acting like he’s 2 again, it can be confusing. As a CEASE therapist, I’ve seen this happen often. They progress so quickly, though, it is not a concern, and passing through social and physical gates can be very rapid.
Very odd.
Recent articles have pointed out at the rate ASD is progressing, by 2025 we will have a 50% rate of the disorder. Something needs to be done, and soon. When my child was born, he had a very delayed schedule of vaccines, which stopped once he was 3. There were half the vaccines demanded then as there are today. We are loading up our children’s immune systems without real knowledge of how it affects them. We don’t really know the reaction of the (so far as we know) Th1, Th2, and Th17 immune system cells. Does it really help? There have NEVER been a randomized controlled trial with those vaccinated compared to those unvaccinated. If we are truly being scientific, we wouldn’t be afraid to do this research.
Vaccines may not be the only answer, and I don’t think they are, but I believe they are the biggest reason ASD has been so pervasive. Vaccines have been studied individually, but there are no studies done on the effects of getting multiple vaccinations at one time. Hiding our heads in the sand and denying research does not get us anywhere. Let’s explore together why our children are having such difficulties, and make them whole.
From another article -
Some of the children I see with ASD are the sweetest kids. But they have toxins in their little bodies and can’t get them out. Is it just the vaccine? No. It’s also the gut that isn’t digesting, it’s the parent that thinks it’s OK to just let them eat Chuckie Cheese this once, it’s the food that comes straight from the microwave or wrapper. We need to get back to cooking real food and sitting down to real dinners. We need to take our child’s hand and go for a walk and just enjoy being out of doors, without checking the iPhone every few minutes. It’s the flu vaccine that the moms are given while pregnant. It’s the doctor that insists on a C-section for whatever reason (I always say I’ve never heard a doctor admit he did a C-section because it wasn’t needed!). It’s the medicine you’re taking for acid reflux when a change in your diet is all that’s needed. It’s the candy and the garbage we put in our children, thinking it’s normal or a special treat. No, vending machines don’t belong in schools. We need to teach our children about healthy food IN SCHOOL.
Shahin Afnan
Afnan offers CEASE therapy -
It is devastating for parents when they receive a diagnosis of autism for their child. 
If this has happened to you or your loved ones, take a moment to familiarize yourself with what homeopathy has to offer. It is an ideal way forward for super sensitive individuals as there are no side effects and remedies are highly diluted yet deep acting. More importantly, it works! 
Because of the unique way homeopathic medicines work in the body, autism can be greatly helped with classical homeopathy. The correct remedy can enable the autistic child to metabolize nutrients their brains so desperately need as well as detoxify their systems.
There have been suggestions that autism is the result of an underlying metabolic dysfunction. You will see some mention mitochondria but there is no real evidence. Afnan also has a page on detox.

Afnan offers homeoprophylaxis.

Sonam Kushner
Kushner is listed on the FHCI website but doesn't seem to make mention of homeoprohylaxis on her website or anywhere else for that matter. On her Homeopathy and Children page she says -
Many parents come with questions about vaccinations, which is both a delicate and complicated subject. In this country, mandatory vaccinations laws can prevent children from attending school or daycare, and prevent adults from attending college or working in selected professions. Parents are becoming concerned about reports of problems occurring after the MMR vaccine, including epilepsy, arthritis, paralysis and autism. There has been research suggesting a link between the measles vaccine and Crohn’s Disease (Thomson et al, the Lancet, vol 345, 1995, p1071-1074). 
Hepatitis B vaccine has, since 1992, been routinely injected into American babies at birth in hospitals. This is a disease that occurs mainly in adults who engage in promiscuous sex and intravenous drug abuse. Didier Grandgeorge, M.D., in his book Homeopathic Remedies for the Stages of Life, says that in two decades of pediatric practice in France, he has not seen a single case of Hepatitis B in a child under fourteen. 
It is not a homeopath’s place to advise on the subject of vaccinations, and as a homeopath myself, I will not direct parents in their decisions regarding this matter. Parents should do their own research and get as much information as possible, educating themselves about the consequences of giving and not giving each vaccination, so that they may be able to make their own informed and responsible decisions.

Whilst Kushner may think that it is not a homeopath's place to advise on vaccination, she is a minority here and the information she presents is questionable. What Kushner says about  hepatitis B only really applies in the US, Western Europe, etc and vaccination and education have reduced its prevalence there. Infection around the time of birth or from contact with other people's blood during childhood is the most frequent method by which hepatitis B is acquired in areas where the disease is common. It is also the case hepatitis B is less likely to be self-limiting in children. 

Sonja Benjamin
Benjamin as a page on CEASE therapy, spells out the acronym, repeats the claim that vaccines cause autism and that autism can be cured. Curiously, she doesn't link to the CEASE therapy website.

Benjamin has a page on homeoprophylaxis -
On the other hand, in 2016, 1 in 68 children were identified with an Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD). In the 1980s, this number was 1 in 10,000. We have seen an epidemic rise in autism, where ASD continues to be much more prevalent among boys than girls. It is five times more prevalent among boys. 
Vaccines contain chemicals, heavy metals, and animal by-products toxic to the body. According to the CDC and Informed Choice Vaccine Ingredients, the following are some of the substances contained in vaccines: formaldehyde, aluminum hydroxide, aluminum phosphate, benzethonium, thimerosal, ammonium sulfate, polysorbate 80, formalin, phenol-a compound obtained by distillation of coal, gelatin, vesicle fluid from calf skins, benzethonium chloride, glycerin, phenol, beta-propiolactone, continuous line of monkey kidney cells, mouse serum proteins, washed sheep RBCs, chick embryonic fluid and human diploid cells from aborted fetal tissue. Different vaccines contain different substances.  
With the ever increasing use of vaccines, antibiotics and other medications, OTC and prescription medications, we have seen a rise in immune system dysfunction and an increase in epidemics of chronic childhood disorders, such as Autism, Asthma, Allergies, and Eczema.
That claim about increase in autism prevalence is a standard trope of anti-vaccination along with the rest.

Su Sandon
Sandon is a registered pharmacist in Minnesota. Her website mentions that homeoprohylaxis is available. What the Minnesota Board of Pharmacy would make of this is unknown.

Sue Mills
Mills appears on the CEASE therapy website. She works at the Hope Clinic but that website makes no mention of CEASE.

Tanya Renner
Renner does not seem to have her own website. She is listed on the CEASE therapy website. Her listing on the NASH website makes no mention of CEASE.
Vera Volfson
Volfson has a page on CEASE therapy which doesn't say very much beyond spelling out the acronym and linking to the CEASE therapy website.

Volfson also has an article on homeoprophylaxis. Volfson says -
In contrast with conventional vaccines, HP remedies have no dangerous additives, preservatives, toxins, antibiotics, and no molecules of the infecting virus remain. HP remedies contain only the information frequency of the disease. This frequency is delivered on tiny sugar pellets, by mouth, one disease at a time. HP remedy “educates” the immune system about a specific virus. HP does not rely on antibody production, but on changing the susceptibility of the person to the disease. Microbes are not seen as the main cause of diseases, rather terrain, or individual’s predisposition to a disease is important – absence of the predisposition to a specific disease makes the person immune to it. Homeopathic remedies are able to remove these predispositions.
Whatever that means. And if Nissen is to be believed, homeoprophylaxis does (eventually) produce antibodies.
No method of disease prevention can guarantee 100% protection from any infectious disease. When you are considering any aspect of your health and health of your children, it is important to research and review all factors and information. Conventional vaccines do have risks, and can be contraindicated to people with severe illness, suppressed immune system, or history of previous vaccine reactions. Some people have religious or philosophical objections to conventional vaccines. Homeoprophylaxis offers a safe alternative for those groups of people.
Vaccinations are a personal choice and require thoughtful considerations. I do not recommend or discourage regular vaccinations. I recommend clients to do as much research as possible to make sure they feel satisfied with the choice they make. Clients make decisions on their own, and some chose conventional vaccines, and others do not. I respect everyone’s decision. If conventional vaccines are being used, specific homeopathic remedies might be suggested to mitigate negative side effects of traditional vaccinations.

HP remedies are suitable for infants, children and adults. HP remedies can be used for people who travel to countries where they may be exposed to infectious diseases not present in their home country. HP is based on sound homeopathic principals, is safe and effective, and has been used successfully by many people around the world.
Any licensed vaccine is more effective than homeoprophylaxis. And vaccination has eradicated smallpox and rinderpest. Several other diseases may be eradicated in the near future.

Yashasvi Jhangiani
Jhangiana is another BHMS graduate. She knows not to use the doctor title and has various disclaimers on her website. Her website doesn't say very much but she did run a homeoprophylaxis workshop for a local HMN chapter.

So what?
It would be a mistake to think that NASH are very similar to the UK Society of Homeopaths (SoH). They exist in very different legal jurisdictions and regulatory regimes. Whilst CEASE, homeoprophylaxis and anti-vaccination propaganda are a problem for SoH, NASH are unlikely to view them as a problem. They are very unlikely to do anything about members offering/promoting them.