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Other UK Practitioners offering CEASE therapy

These are a bit of a rag-bag. Some are homeopaths who don't belong to any trade association, some are homeopaths who belong to non-homeopathic trade associations and some are doctors. Others are not homeopaths.

As has been discussed in previous posts, there is no reason why a lay homeopath has to belong to a trade association. It's not a prerequisite for insurance. For some, belonging to a trade association likely has no benefit and possible has the disbenefit of having to abide by a Code of Ethics. As will be seen some of these homeopaths are quite bizarre and it would be difficult for even the most indifferent trade association not to act.

Special attention is paid to the trade associations belonged to. This is because there will be a future article on the current state of UK self regulation of CAM.

Aishah Hussain
Hussain is part of a husband and wife team offering homeopathy and other things. Hussain's claims for CEASE are quite mild are in some ways but -
Patients usually come to me after exhausting all other means; treating autism has become an integral part of my practice making up over 60% of my clients.
It is unknown how many clients there are.
I am passionate about treating autism and being a mother gives me profound happiness seeing children thriving. At times it feels like I am reuniting parents with their children. Receiving beautiful messages from a parent whose child has gone from being emotionally inexpressive to telling mum he loves her or an aggressive child described as ‘a different child’ after remedies has left me emotional many times.
Hussain offers Hair Mineral Analysis. This has been mentioned in previous posts and is of very limited use. It is often used as a marketing tool to sell dietary supplements. Hussain links to a US lab offering it but it is not clear if she uses it.

There is also mention of Homeobotanical therapy. The products are combination homeopathic/herbal and they do not fit into EU regulation. Products can't be marketed as both. Either way, these products don't seem to be registered in the UK and thus are being imported illegally. The claims make them medicines as well.

Alan Freestone
Freestone has been mentioned previously. Because of legal considerations, little can be said at the moment.

Anna Anderson
Anderson regurgitates many of Tinus Smits' claims such as "vaccines cause autism" and uses "Complete Elimination of Autistic Spectrum Expression". These are repeated in more than one place.

The testimonials page reveals the kind of remedies used. It is must be stressed that they are in breach of ASA guidance. Also, most of the remedies mentioned are unlicensed medicines and can only be obtained under very limited circumstances. Illegal supply/promotion is a matter for the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA). The testimonials don't just relate to autism - there is one that talks about "HPV vaccine damage" and mentions that Freda Birrell referred a client to her. To say that HPV vaccine damage is controversial is an understatement as conversion disorder is implicated in many supposed cases.

If offering consultations via Skype is bad then -
Translated Email Consultation for those who do not speak English. 
With todays technology advances in translation services, I can now offer Homeopathic Detox Therapy via Google Forms and translation. Meaning this can be available to a wider number of children.

If you require this service please let me know and I can send across the relevant forms.
Which would fill anyone familiar with the limitations of Google Translate with horror. Anderson is yet another who carried out a study. It would appear it involved the supply of unlicensed medicines. 

Anderson also offers hair mineral analysis at £120.

Catherine Fergus
Fergus doesn't say very much about CEASE but makes reference to her teaching experience. Other CEASE practitioners do this too. Part of the problem with this is teachers do have safeguarding training and should recognise use of homeopathy as primary care as a potential red flag, same with anti-vaccination.

Another oddity is that Fergus describes the health insurer Simplyhealth as a charity. 

Christine Hytch
Hytch also has a background in education and was a special needs teacher. Hytch avoids "Complete Elimination of Autistic Spectrum Expression" and the claim that vaccines cause autism.
I worked with many children and young people with Autism during my years in education and know how challenging life can be for both them and their families and am now passionate about using my skills as a homeopath and Cease practitioner to help anyone with Autism achieve their potential. 
I feel very privileged to be able to work with Autistic children and their families and approach each new client with respect for their uniqueness and determination to help them achieve maximum health and wellbeing.
Christine Suppelt
Suppelt is a doctor and a member of the Faculty of Homeopathy (FoH). Some of restrictions on supply of unlicensed medicines don't apply to her. Suppelt's homeopathic practice is likely very peripheral - she is an NHS ophthalmic surgeon.

Strangely, her website has little on CEASE therapy but that page does feature a book by Kelly CS Johnson an Irish homeopath, anti-vaxxer and pusher of homeoprophylaxis. The book is very anti-vaccination and although it does not seem to have it on its website any more, the FoH has issued statements that vaccination should be carried out.

What the FoH would make of CEASE therapy is unknown. 

Elle Fox
Fox has been mentioned before in conjunction  with the GRCCT. The ASA ruled against her advertising. Fox would appear to be a naturopath and a member of the Association of Naturopathic Practitioners (its Code of Ethics is cursory to say the least). The ANP is a member of the General Naturopathic Council.

She repeats the claim that vaccines cause autism when talking about CEASE. Fox also offers the Gut and Psychology Syndrome (GAPS) diet which has been discredited.  The idea that autism is caused by toxins generated by gut bacteria is far fetched. Such restrictive diets are used by other CEASE practitioners.

Eve Gilmore
Gilmore doesn't say a lot about CEASE but says a lot about autism including such gems as -
1 Autistic children are born to toxic parents. 
50% of the fathers of autistic children suffer from OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder), and many mothers have fatigue related issues, sub-clinical or diagnosed thyroid problems and headaches or migraines. An Israeli study found a correlation between pre-conceptual laptop exposure in fathers and autism.
Guilt-tripping parents with bogus claims is toxic. Some of the claims for health conditions make for alarming reading. Gilmore offers other treatments in addition to CEASE -
  • Naturopathy
  • Nutritional Medicine
  • Scenar, Physiokey and Sanakey
  • Homeopathy
  • Autonomic Response Testing (ART)
  • Far Infrared Saunas
  • Genotyping – Personalised Nutrition
  • Genetic Profiling – for Specific Health Problems
The shop is something else.

Gilmore is a member of the Fellowship of Holistic Integrated Therapists which would appear to be part of the British Complementary Medicine Association which does have a Code of Ethics.

Kate McIntosh
Doesn't say much except "Complete Elimination of Autistic Spectrum Expression" and that vaccines cause autism.

Kay Wesley
Wesley on her Tools Utilised page says various things about CEASE and links to the website but doesn't claim vaccines cause autism or spell out the acronym. Wesley claims to be a shaman and studied under Yubraj Sharma. Whether Sharma's "college" is still going is unclear (the website is dead) but this prospectus from 2015 gives a flavour. Wesley is stranger...
In my Shamanic work, I ‘tune-in’ to the energy field of the person, I am shown or ask to see imbalances, blockages and areas of lack. And when for the persons highest good healing takes place. The energies that are needed to be removed, are. And energies that are needed to come in, are bought in gently and lovingly. 
The work often involves energetic detoxes, as gunk from eons of time is removed gently and lovingly. It often involves the strengthening of the energetic and physical body so that energetic attachments then leave. And the cause of an imbalance is often traced back to it’s roots, no matter what they are and when they occurred – that cause is then healed and the whole energy is bought forward to the now without that distortion. 
And more often than not it involves soul retrieval – a practice where fragments of self are returned to the whole, and healed. Fragmentation can result from shocks, grief, trauma, from attachments to a relationship in the past that hasn’t resolved itself, from medication or recreational drug use. During these times the vital energies can split from the whole and by traveling to those fragments and returning them to the whole a sense of completion returns, or is felt for the first time, and we then are less open, less vulnerable. We are strong and empowered!
Gunk from eons of time?
And of course I don’t do the work, I’m a channel for the work. I work with enlightened beings, with Ascended Masters, with Archangels, with nature spirits, with star beings, with medical specialists all in the unseen realm. I work with whoever comes in to help you. Big picture, I work with God, for your highest good.
It would be easy to mock such beliefs. The concern is whether they are compatible with offering to treat autistic children. 

Lesley Jefferies
Jefferies says on her About Me page - 
I have found homeopathy to be a gentle healer without the harsh side effects that many modern medicines throw out.I successfully treated family and friends for many years before obtaining my license to practice from the Welsh School of Homeopathy in Carmarthen. 
I have previously worked for the NHS as a Paediatric Physiotherapy Technician and now I concentrate fully on my homeopathic practice.
Treating family and friends is an ethical minefield. Guidance for regulated professionals is to avoid doing so - for one thing the emotional connection can cloud professional objectivity. There is also evidence from the US that physicians who treat family members over test and over treat. Lay homeopaths and their trade associations don't see it as an issue, even when explained to them in clear and simple language.

Jefferies has no "license to practice". A licentiate is not a license to practice - it is a type of academic degree. It is rarely used in the UK and the term has no official status. The same is true of diploma. Many homeopaths and their supporters find this confusing.

Jefferies doesn't mention CEASE but...
It is no secret that the health of our society is breaking down at an alarming rate. Children and adults alike are getting more sick – autism, eczema, asthma, arthritis, constant infections and cancer, to name a few. All are treated with suppressive medications that never get to the root cause of the illness. 
My question is - why? Why are we getting so ill? There must be a reason and I believe the reason is toxic overload, not only from medications and vaccines, but also from the food we eat and the water we drink. This along with the many environmental toxins that we are in contact with daily are stripping us of our health and vitality. So, I am very passionate about clearing out the toxins using a very gentle homeopathic detox.
Alarming rate? Public health data and history say something different -
Overall population health in England has improved in recent decades. The age-standardised morbidity rate in England (rate of ill health), reduced by 2.1% between 1990 and 2016.
Exposure to environmental toxins has decreased markedly largely due to legislation. 
Most people can throw off toxins and have no adverse reactions but for some they become the straw that breaks the camel’s back. Perhaps you had many years on antibiotics as a child for ear infections, for example, and on top of that many vaccinations, plus steroid inhalers for asthma. Each one of these medications will make your body a little weaker, and in time will cause deteriorating health. More and more medications are needed to cope with the side effects that will eventually kick in. That’s why we are seeing many of the elderly these days having to take many, many medications.
Polypharmacy is an issue but data shows correlations with both age and social deprivation. Homeopathy can not address those issues. Are counter-factual ideas about public health compatible with offering to treat autistic kids? Is scaremongering about medication helpful in any way? 

Jefferies offers to treat Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Conventional treatments for PTSD include psychotherapy, psychotropic drugs and cognitive behavioural therapy. However, some may find that these approaches do not suit them, or may have concerns about side effects of medications used. Homeopathy gets to the root of the problem, removing layers of symptoms as they are presented over a period of time, enabling you to lead a normal and wholesome life.
Liesje Cochrane
Cochrane says here -
I specialise in treating people with autism. 
I know that autism can be cured because I have seen the evidence of the recovery in my practice using homeopathy. Recovered autistic children have been able to tell us how autistic children feel, describing their experiences once they have been restored to normal through homeopathy.
An incredible claim and some unpleasant implications - autistic children can't tell us how they feel? 

Cochrane does spell out the acronym here as well claiming vaccines cause autism and links to the CEASE website.

Lorraine Whitby
Whitby does spell out the acronym, repeats the claim that vaccines cause autism but does not link to the CEASE website (although links to Smits' book on Amazon). Whitby offers many bizarre treatments/tests in addition to homeopathy.
NLP and RTT are pretty useless as psychological interventions. The "training" is very short compared to a degree in Counselling and Psychotherapy and certainly don't have the same entry requirements. Jefferies is likely to have spent thousands on bizarre machines.

Mary Harper

Harper does not spell out the acronym, implies that vaccines cause autism and links to the CEASE website but...
In the long term these toxins disrupt our endocrine system and organs such as our adrenals and thyroid. Heavy metals can affect our nervous system and some are very slow to act and accumulate over time, (such as aluminum levels in the brain which can be a factor in Alzheimer’s). They can also disrupt our gut flora in our digestive system affecting our assimilation of nutrients, and influencing our mind and emotions. You can read more about the research from Dr Campbell-McBride at 
I use CEASE to address such situations and for when patients may say that they have ‘never been well since’ a course of antibiotics; or, that their child did not seem the same after he received a vaccination, or after an illness such as glandular fever. It is also an important part of my preparation treatment for pregnancy.
Campbell-McBride is the creator of the GAPS diet - which is bogus. "Pre-conception treatment" is something offered by other homeopaths too.

Harper also uses the Asyra machine and uses Homeobotanicals. 

Sathish Muthulingam
Muthulingam uses the title Dr but is nothing of the sort. 
Sathish Muthulingam is practising for the last 17 years and he trained under the supervision of Dr Joseph Sebamalai (Homeo Clinic - Wattala, Sri Lanka) and then at the London College of Homeopathy, Open International University for Complementary Therapy, Allen College of Homeopathy and the International Therapy Examinational Council. He holds qualifications in Homeopathy, Cease Therapy, Acupuncture and Sports Therapy. He is currently following functional medicine at Functional Medicine University USA.
The London College of Homeopathy? It can't be this one surely? It was discussed here when it was still called the Bakson College of Homoeopathy UK - it's not been round long enough. The London College of Classical Homeopathy would appear long gone. The Open International University for Complementary Therapy aka Medicina Alternativa is a notorious diploma mill. The Allen College of Homeopathy is real enough.  Mention of iTEC is strange. It's an accrediting body, not an awarding body. The Functional Medicine University is unaccredited US body.

Muthulingam is Sri Lankan. How he got into and is able to stay in the UK is unknown. The rules regarding Right of Abode are complex and time dependent. The issue of homeopaths from the Indian subcontinent in the UK will be explored in greater depth at a future date.

He offers an incredibly expensive stool test (which is likely this) as well as a "Bellman Ultra Vit" blood test which could be this. If it is, it requires drawing blood from a vein. His charges are very high in general. 

Sinead Rooney
Rooney obviously offers CEASE therapy as she includes a graphic from the CEASE website but makes no direct mention of CEASE except in a tiny font in the page header. Rooney doesn't claim that vaccines cause autism but does link to the CEASE website here 

Susan Price
Price is an osteopath and subject to General Osteopathic Council regulation as well as other regulations. To be very clear, osteopaths have no prescribing rights. They are limited in what homeopathic remedies they can legally supply - just as other medically unqualified person are - but because they are statutorily regulated, it's a much bigger issue. Straying into the domain of other health professions can be politically problematic.

As with the post on Alliance of Registered Homeopaths (ARH) members offering CEASE therapy, the utility of such a list is questionable but it is presented for the sake of completeness. The meaning of the fields is as described in this post on Society of Homeopaths (SoH) members.

Tuesday, 29 January 2019

Alliance of Registered Homeopaths Members offering CEASE Therapy

The Alliance of Registered Homeopaths (ARH) are indifferent to concerns regarding members offering CEASE therapy and the associated marketing claims. This is unsurprising - there is a history of indifference to legislation, regulation and ethical concerns. It counts among its members some who are extreme in their anti-medicine rhetoric. From experience, ARH members tend to be somewhat stranger than those of the Society of Homeopaths.

Code of Ethics
The ARH Code of Ethics states -
16 Registrants will be aware of the limits of their professional competence and where appropriate will refer to other practitioners.
Oh dear.
23 The registrant is required, when there is evidence of a child being at risk of any abuse, to contact the appropriate officer at the Social Services Department. 
Using homeopathy for primary care of a vulnerable child or adult is a safeguarding red flag. Testimonials, etc, published by various ARH members have also revealed autistic children being subjected to chelation and hyperbaric therapy (by third parties). This seems to be of no concern.
36 All advertising must be published in a way that conforms to the law and to the guidance issued in the British Code of Advertising Practice.  
37 Professional advertising must be factual and not seek to mislead or deceive, or make unrealistic or extravagant claims. Advertising may indicate special interests but must not make claims of superiority or disparage professional colleagues or other professionals. 
38 Advertising content and the way it is distributed must not put prospective patients under pressure to consult or seek treatment from a registrant.
Lip service as some ARH members frequently mislead, make unrealistic claims and disparage doctors. 

Advertising Standards Authority Compliance Checking
The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) have found lay homeopaths a problem. Although previous posts have mentioned it, it is worth emphasising that the ASA did write to all homeopaths they knew of. They stated in the letter what was expected and that they would do checks, write to non-compliant homeopaths and those that did still not comply could face referral to Trading Standards (TS).

It's not clear how far the ASA got with the compliance exercise. That there are so many UK lay homeopath websites that are obviously in breach of the CAP code suggests either not very far or that lay homeopaths tended to ignore ASA communications. There's no sign of Trading Standards Referrals.

It is known that the ASA have received specific complaints regarding CEASE therapy practitioners. They are concerned by it. It is known that some practitioners have been contacted as part of a compliance exercise as well. The activities of one particular homeopath (who is a former member of the ARH) are known to have sparked a lot of public complaints.

Whilst a few ARH members have been discussed in previous posts, most haven't.

Andrea Holbrook
Holbrook spells out Complete Elimination of Autistic Spectrum Disorder and repeats Smits including the line that vaccines cause autism. She links to the CEASE website.

Holbrook also offers food intolerance testing in the form of applied kinesiology. To quote NICE guidance on assessment and diagnosis of food allergies.

Do not use the following alternative diagnostic tests in the diagnosis of food allergy:
  • vega test
  • applied kinesiology
  • hair analysis.
More bizarrely...
Prior to training as a homeopath, Andrea was a nurse for 13 years before going on to run her own Perthshire Homeopath complementary therapy business. She also taught at a private complementary therapy college and was a lecturer in complementary therapies at a Higher Education College in North-East Scotland. While continuing to practice in Perthshire, Andrea is actively involved in the management of a major healing ministry and homeopathic training college in central Scotland.
Healing ministry? Does that mean faith healing?

Carol Fieldhouse
Fieldhouse's page on CEASE is bad - clearly, the more that is said about CEASE, the greater the likelihood of content that breaches codes of ethics, advertising regulations and consumer protection law. Although Fieldhouse doesn't say there that vaccines cause autism the linked videos do. They also spell out the acronym. There is a link to a Japanese porn site on that page. The URL used to belong to Kim Kalina who did a lot of the English language CEASE training but no longer seems to. Fieldhouse also has a page on what CEASE training involves. Worryingly -

  • how to manage CEASE cases – this is perhaps the single most important aspect of the training, and Kim uses several of her own cases (not just autism cases), as well as FAQ’s from clients and practitioners, to take participants through many follow-ups, crises, etc. so that practitioners can learn how to handle the many case management issues that can arise and how to correctly interpret and manage each one
  • how to manage herxheimer reactions – don’t know what these are? This is essential info if you want to use CEASE safely and appropriately!
How to correctly interpret? CEASE is based on erroneous interpretations, full stop. As for the Jarisch–Herxheimer reaction - this is specifically the result of toxins released by dying bacteria as the result of antibiotic treatment. And the treatment for it is anti-inflammatories. But CEASE says no antibiotics should be used! Homeopaths have a habit of appropriating words and changing their meaning.

Fieldhouse has "hosted" thermography. And in this page strongly implies that it can be used to screen for breast cancer because of the linked to video and the use of words like "breast disease" and neoplasia - in layman's terms a malign neoplasm is cancer. Fieldhouse also gets a commission. 

Fieldhouse also uses a radionic machine and communicates with animals.
Trained by Catherine O'Driscoll in Animal Communication, especially for dogs though other animals can be communicated with. This is all done remotely from a photograph and some basic information about the animal sent by email/post.
It will come as no surprise that Fieldhouse is involved with CAM4Animals and engaged in -
SURVEILLANCE- (probably best to go undercover with an 'alternative' profile/Avatar): - 'like' all their pages, sign up to all their blogs and forums, and screenshot any and everything that they post that may incriminate them or show their true colours. SPECIFICALLY DANNY CHAMBERS. 
Carolyn Frost
Frost is not a doctor. 
My qualifications are as follows:
  • A Masters Degree in Homeopathy from the University of Johannesburg in 2003
  • A Postgraduate Diploma in Homeopathic pediatrics
  • A diploma in Allergy and Environmental Therapy
  • A Reflexology Diploma from the International Academy of Reflexology and Meridian Therapy.
  • Certificate in Homeopathic Mesotherapy.
  • CEASE Therapy
Being registered with the Alliance of Registered Homeopaths, one of the main registering bodies for Homeopaths in the UK, I am bound by their code of ethics and am fully insured to practice.
The ARH Code of Ethics says -
Potential misrepresentation 40 The use of the title ‘Doctor’ should be avoided, when the use of that title may create a false impression that the individual concerned is a registered medical practitioner.
The South African M.Tech is considered equivalent to UK Masters degree. It does not confer the "Doctor" title as far as can be determined. Those diplomas? No.

Frost spells out the acronym and links to the CEASE website here. She also quotes Tinus Smits here - Post Vaccination Syndrome is an invention of Smits (which predates CEASE) and whilst rarely mentioned by Anglophone homeopaths, is widely cited by Dutch homeopaths. "Prevention" of it is used as a means to sell homeopathy to parents who do decide to vaccinate their children. Frost mentions homeoprophylaxis but it is not clear if she offers it.

Frost also offers allergy de-sensitisation - (likely this) - which includes testing for allergies with applied kinesiology. Allergen immunotherapy is real but its use for food allergies is not recommended due to the high risk of serious adverse effects and a lack of evidence of lasting effect. Anaphylaxis can kill. From personal experience, even if not fatal it is extremely unpleasant and frightening.

Frost offers mesotherapy -  in this case injections of homeopathic solutions using products that are unlicensed medicines. Some are distributed in the UK as "specials" but legally can only be supplied to doctors. If Frost is misrepresenting herself as a doctor in order to obtain them...

Charlotte Batchelor
Disclaimer: Charlotte Batchelor is not providing medical diagnosis or treatment in her role at Quintessence Portal as a homeopath and the advice she offers related to diet and nutritional products. Any advice given is not intended as a medical substitute or cure for any disease or health condition. Please see your regular medical practitioner with any new or unexplained symptoms and for ongoing medical treatment you maybe receiving. No direct, indirect or implied claim of efficacy for Homeopathy, CEASE therapy or Homeopathic Detox Therapy is made for the treatment or cure of any new or previous condition or history of medical or psychiatric conditions. Although some scientific evidence does exist for the use of homeopathy in certain conditions, its effective use remains disputed. All information shared is related to Charlotte Batchelor's direct experience. The choice to participate and use homeopathy is left entirely to the responsibility of the individual.
Really? Batchelor doesn't actually make any real claims for CEASE but does for homeoprophylaxis.
Supervision of a 44 month Homeoprophylaxis program as part of the Free & Healthy Children International Program is offered for any parent who has chosen not to vaccinate or would like to use homeopathy alongside the traditional medical vaccination program. Tailor made programs are also available. 
Travel homeoprophylaxis supervision is also offered.
Free and Healthy Children International is a US-based outfit found by homeopaths Katie Birch and Cilla Whatcott. The marketing/supply of products for homeoprophylaxis is illegal in the US. Most of the practitioners promote CEASE too.

Batchelor offers something called AOA Hieros Gamos System (HGS) "energetic sessions". Heiros gamos does not presuppose actual sexual activity and likely HGS has no real connection to it -
These sessions address the non-manifest world of our subtle energy systems and their impact on our physical realities. The holographic projections from our multidimensional subtle body energy systems create our perceptions, emotions and experiences within our physical lives. The system works with these subtle energy bodies and blueprint layers removing miasma and blockages, clearing emotion, inorganic structures and implants, repairing DNA, reclaiming fragments and aspects and working with our ancestral lines to improve overall feelings of health and wellbeing.
If anyone can explain what that means in English, please go ahead.

Coral Byford
Byford does not make much in the way of claims for CEASE, does not spell out the acronym or link to the CEASE website. But she does seem to have fallen victim to the DoTerra MLM scam.

Jacqueline Smirl
Smirl's About page is worrying not for the specific claims but -
I am an accredited CEASE Therapist with many years of experience in all therapeutic approaches for children & adults on the Autistic Spectrum.
I have a special interest in ASD with extensive (over 18 years) knowledge in treatments such as nutritional therapies, gluten-free/casein-free diets, food allergies and intolerance, Tinus Smits homeopathic detoxification (CEASE), behavioural therapy (ABA/VB), sensory integration and many more therapies. I have found that homeopathy and acupuncture work very well together to support any other treatment used by individuals on autistic spectrum.
The testimonials do not make for easy reading either.

Jolanda Rocklin
Rocklin's page on CEASE links to the CEASE website, states vaccination causes autism but does not spell out the acronym.
Jolanda Rocklin has been a Homeopath for over 20 Years and one of 200 certified CEASE therapists worldwide. She has also taught in Primary and Secondary Schools and has first-hand experience of the difficulties Autistic children face on a daily basis.
Presumably medical neglect has been encountered? Rocklin also offers workshops including CEASE.

Judith von Bradsky
Her page on CEASE links to the CEASE website, spells out the acronym but does not explicit state vaccines cause autism.

June Sayer
The page on CEASE does link to the CEASE website but avoids spelling out the acronym or stating that vaccines cause autism.

The page on nutrition reveals the use of a bizarre machine for allergy/intolerance testing and that Sayer uses overpriced supplements.

Katy Haigh
Here Haigh makes a startling claim.
I also specialise in helping children and young adults who have behavioural problems and who are on the autistic spectrum .I have attended an intensive course on using the CEASE therapy, which stands for Complete Elimination of Autistic Expression. This I have achieved with several clients through diet, nutritional supplements and homeopathy. I am a certified CEASE therapist and you can find me on the CEASE website and information how CEASE can help your child.
She also offers other therapies including allergy testing (unknown if she uses a bizarre machine) and Activated Oxygen Therapy which makes some bizarre claims to say the least. It doesn't produce ozone or increase oxygen concentration. How it is supposed to work is incomprehensible.

Lynne Shrubb
Shrubb's CEASE page links to the CEASE website, makes the claim that vaccines cause autism but does not spell out the acronym. It is very clear that Shrubb is an anti-vaxxer and links to bogus studies and websites.

Shrubb also hosts Safe Breast Screening - this is worse than Fieldhouse in some ways it makes explicit claims about breast cancer screening. The website seems to have expired but an archived version here but would appear to be the same outfit that Fieldhouse uses. 

Shrubb is a local Arnica group leader. Arnica presents itself as -
... a support group for parents, led by parents. We believe in a holistic approach to health and recognize a grass roots need for debate and practice, especially in this current climate where nutritional supplements, organic food, and homeopathy are under threat.
In reality many of the group leaders are lay homeopaths, naturopaths, nutritional therapists and even placenta encapsulators. Arnica members are a natural market for them. It hosts a lot of advertising from them. It asks for donations, sells things. It produces anti-vaxx propaganda, mounts campaigns and petitions against vaccination. It is clear what it what is does. There does not seem to be a limited company or charity associated with Arnica only a PayPal account.

Margaret Haynes
Here Haynes says -
Over time (you can expect to see a difference in 6 months and many do sooner) the child's body is gently and safely encouraged to cleanse toxins and the symptoms of ASD are alleviated. This has now been replicated many times by CEASE Therapists. At the same time the treatment brings about an improvemnet in general health as the child's body is more able to function efficiently and relax. 
See CEASE Therapy for more information and testimonials from parents. It is wonderful! 
And there are testimonials. Haynes also offers hair mineral tests.

Pam Hemmings
Hemmings says 
'61,570 children in state education have been recorded as having some kind of Autism Spectrum Disorder' - DailyMail/ Health 23rd March 2012
This is up from 39,465 just five years ago

What is going on here?
An increase in incidence is not an increase in prevalence. The page very clearly directs readers to the CEASE website. The testimonials page is of concern.

The About Homeopathy page reveals Hemmings offers homeoprophylaxis. There is also a link to the anti-vaccination Arnica Group.

Paula Lattimer
Lattimer says -
CEASE Therapy is one of many tools in the kitbag of the homeopath. Whist originally created for the treatment of autism and autistic spectrum conditions, CEASE therapy can actually be used successfully to treat many modern diseases, which arise as a result of cumulative toxic onslaughts. Autism and autistic spectrum conditions are obviously just one of the increasing numbers of modern diseases which are either resistant to western medicine or classified as untreatable by western doctors. Autistic spectrum conditions includes Aspergers, ADHD, ADD, ODD, PDD, SPD, tourettes etc. The patient with an autistic spectrum condition is not able to detoxify toxins, medicines, vaccinations, an unhealthy environment or bad food. The body is not able to nurture and protect itself in an effective way.
So don't only do these "toxins" cause autism etc but they also lead to liver and/or kidney disease? That's the implication. The testimonial further down that page are also of concern as are the case studies.

Here she says -
Throughout this twelve years I have specialised in the treatment of autism and autistic spectrum conditions and have had the privilege of working with many wonderful families. I trained as a CEASE Therapist in 2010 and now weave classical homeopathy with this amazing system of detoxification in order to remove toxic blocks so that classical remedies can work to their maximum effect. I have personal experience of autism and this has created a passion for my subject. I have an understanding of autism which can never be learnt from a book but is born from the deep pain of living with special needs.
Roberta Young
Young's page on CEASE spells out the acronym, links to the CEASE website and there are also testimonials relating to CEASE one of which implies autism is caused by heavy metal toxicity.

Young links to very expensive supplements marketed for CEASE. Heavy metal toxicity is mentioned there too.

Sadhna Chaman
Chaman here doesn't spell out the acronym, claim that vaccines cause autism or even link to the CEASE website. 
My specialist training in addressing the complex needs of those on the Autistic spectrum enables me to support you and your child in achieving the most amazing and profound results.
This is not backed up by the quotes on that page. She talks about "Inspiring Homeopathy" which was Smits' version of homeopathy.
Inspiring Homeopathy addresses a person through what Tinus describes as ‘layers’ that a person may have developed through experiences or lack of at some stage in their life. This may be one of feeling like the Victim, Control – wanting to or be controlled, a need or disconnection with one’s inner force, Lack of Self Love, Lack of Incarnation or Protection, Disconnection with the Soul, and finally Duality where there are contradictory energies in a person that need support.
Really? Inspiring Homeopathy was touched on here. It is bizarre. It talks about "individual layers...  caused by vaccination, allopathic drugging or important emotional afflictions". No mention of pathogens. Then there are the "universal layers" -
This is a misch-masch of psychological and esoteric concepts - it might be inspired by Jung, it might not. "Incarnation problems" along with "karmic destiny" are a staple of anthroposophic medicine as an explanation of illness and especially disability.

This case study makes for disturbing reading.
There’s something special about children on the spectrum however, as Ann so clearly pointed out that day. I remember her saying that, ‘these children are different, they are born to be different and to teach us how to live in a different world in a different way.’
This may be linked to idea about Indigo and Crystal children but is at odds with use of "Complete Elimination of Autistic Spectrum Expression" therapy. Ann is Ann Callaghan. It doesn't matter exactly what Chaman thinks she is treating with CEASE rather that there is confusion and contradiction in homeopathic (as associated esoteric) ideas about autism. On one hand, Smits called autistic children "little creatures who suddenly become wrecks instead of a joy for their parents" and anthroposophic ideas about "incarnation problems" compared to New Age ideas about the next stage of human evolution.

Chaman goes into great detail about the "treatment" but this -
Reactions to the remedies were recorded, which included trying to bite his brothers, stubbornness, good behaviour, diarrhoea and screaming a lot. All this was great for me to hear, lots of elimination taking place, emotionally and physically. His vital force had received a stimulus.
Is symptomatic of CEASE interpreting anything as a positive sign of "elimination" and "detoxification". 
There are so many wonderful therapies out there to support the ever increasing numbers of children diagnosed as being on the Autistic Spectrum. My hope would be to one day see us all working together for the sole benefit of these children and their families. It saddens me to see that many parents turn to natural therapies as a last resort and that they don’t receive encouragement and support from doctors that they initially come to contact with. 
I feel that my journey to support these wonderful children has just begun. I am so grateful for the work that has been done by our great Masters and all the inspirational Homeopaths. Dealing with children on the spectrum enables you to consider many challenges and strive to find the best way forward, taking into account their complex needs.
Great Masters? That phrase is associated with various forms of esotericism.

Sandra Germay
Germay does spell out the acronym, links to the CEASE website and although she does not state that vaccines cause autism she is a local leader of the anti-vaccination Arnica group.

Susan Terry
Terry doesn't spell out the acronym, does link to CEASE website and certainly implies vaccinations etc cause autism.
Over time it has been realised that the protocol is applicable to many modern chronic diseases such as cancer, multiple sclerosis, chronic fatigue, lupus etc. and to the side effects of medication, and this may be termed Homeopathic Detox.

Zoe Thompson
Thompson's CEASE page links to the CEASE website but is otherwise is vague. Thompson offers mesotherapy although she calls it biopuncture.

Thompson has a Resources and Links page.
All external websites linked to and from these pages have been selected and provide information we consider useful and relevant. However, we do not take responsibility for the content of these sites or of further sites that they may link into. Some sites may contain advertising and the inclusion of any company’s name within the pages should not be construed as a recommendation by us of that organisations products and/or services. Responsibility for the contents and opinions expressed on linked sites rests solely with the author. Opinions expressed on linked websites do not necessarilty represent the views and opinions of Harley Homeopaths (HH).
Thompson considers linking to sites promoting bogus cancer treatments useful and relevant? Others might consider it irresponsible. The value of such disclaimers is moot if links are used in the promotion of products/services. Thompson also seems to think the above quote can't be made here. It can.

This is in the same format as list of Society of Homeopaths (SoH) non-compliant members discussed here

The value of the above and the list is moot. Further concerns could be raised with the ARH but they are unlikely to respond. Complaints could be made to the ASA but they will only respond to so many complaints, especially from a single individual but they might find some of it useful in a compliance exercise. Trading Standards are unable to act because of funding restrictions (but more on that in a future post).