Thursday, 10 May 2018

Sea Change

Research into CEASE therapy, the kind of deep dive into legislation and regulation (be it statutory or voluntary) has convinced me that there are really problems with UK legislation. It allows practitioners to advocate neglect of autistic children, to promulgate anti-vaccination propaganda (damaging public health) and so on, without being held to any meaningful account.

Because of people I've interacted with in various healthcare settings over the years, I'm also aware that some healthcare professions want statutory recognition and protected title - such as psychotherapy. In other countries they are.

Some previous posts do hint at the deficiencies of UK legislation and regulation. They mention the disinterest of regulators etc when it comes to protecting the public, especially children and worse, especially vulnerable children.

The focus of this blog is going to change. There will less looking at individual transgressions and a much greater focus on legislation. There may be a lot fewer posts.

There is a real need for amendment of legislation. There is a real need to examine the entire regulatory framework that encompasses all forms quackery practised by the medically unqualified. This is going to be my primary focus.

I've never done anything like this before. I'm a researcher, an ideas person. Trying to build a campaign to get legislation amended from scratch is completely new to me - especially given that I don't want to front it. One thing I do know is that is bloody hard and a thankless task. It's a task that will likely take years and may achieve nothing. It's not something that I can do on my own and to be honest, it doesn't belong to me. It belongs to everyone who understands that there are medically unqualified people out there who pose a real risk to the public and in particular, the very vulnerable. People who deserve protection by the law, by the authorities.

It's task that requires some skills I don't have and to be brutally honest that I could never  hope to acquire. It's a task that many will have no appetite for. It's easy to condemn quacks from the comfort of your own armchair. It's bloody hard to keep banging at (metaphorical) doors to get your voice heard by those able to do what you can't. And not be discouraged at the lack of answer. Fortunately, one quality I do possess is a bloody-minded almost obsessional perseverance. 

I don't really care if consenting (assuming that consent is genuinely informed) adults choose bogus or even harmful treatments. You can't legislate against that. But you can legislate to protect the vulnerable, you can legislate against those who practice way beyond the limits of their competence.

Some of you will be aware that I've recently had shoulder reconstruction surgery. Few will be aware that I'm undergoing tests for a suspected endocrine problem. Also recently bereaved. Computer use for me is slow, tiring and can be incredibly painful. Sympathy is largely wasted on me. Only mention it as an explanation for why this going to be very slow for a while.

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  1. Hi, I would be interested in discussing what you've posted here further. Especially in regard to bringing more attention to this issue. I'm not sure what would be the best way to contact you, but if you're abke to DM me on twitter we can go from there.
    David Nicol