Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Letter to UK politicians

An email has been sent to officers of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Autism (APPGA) bringing CEASE therapy to their attention and asking them to look into why regulators have not acted. None have responded yet. It is possible that an email from a single individual is easily ignored. Hence, (some of) the text is being placed in the public domain in the hope that others will write to their MPs, local representatives and members of the House of Lords with an interest in autism. It might also be helpful if autism groups are made aware of this too.

Public reaction to CEASE therapy on social media, when its nature is explained, is overwhelmingly one of "it's child abuse!"

It's not suggested that the text be used verbatim. The text omits details of various recent developments, actions involving other jurisdictions.

A quote from the "inventor" of CEASE therapy -

... All kinds of detoxification reactions may occur. The most common are eliminative reactions with an increase of reactivity (fever). Fever should not be treated with medication, as it is a healthy reaction of the organism and not a disease! It helps greatly to overcome an acute disturbance, shortens the healing process, stimulates reactivity and avoids complications. Eliminations like diarrhea, flu, expectoration, and bad-smelling and cloudy urine should also be left alone, because they are a part of the healing process.
A case of diarrhea as a cleansing reaction
I remember an autistic child who got diarrhea during the detoxification of his vaccines. The diarrhea relieved his system so much, that his autism almost disappeared instantly. After ten days the mother started to worry and went to the family doctor because I was absent at that moment. He prescribed Immodium (Loperamide) to stop the diarrhea by paralyzing the peristaltic motions of the bowels. Almost immediately the child had a setback and became autistic as before. The diarrhea was a perfect detoxification for his bowels and brain. Neither the doctor not the mother understood this, and the medication interfered with the progress of the cure.
Chilling and obviously neglect.

CEASE therapy
  • Stands for "Complete Elimination of Autistic Spectrum Expression".
  • Claims 70% of cases of autism are caused by vaccines
  • Claims autism also caused by other medicines
  • Claims it can treat and even "reverse" autism
  • Uses doses of supplements/vitamins in excess of NHS guidelines
  • Claims homeopathic medicines made from vaccines/medicines "detox" the "damage" caused by them
  • Advocates against vaccination
  • Advocates "celebrating" and not treating symptoms of potential serious conditions. They are signs of "detox".
  • Advocates against medical treatment/very anti-doctor
A detailed examination of CEASE therapy can be found here.

  • Around 170 practitioners in the UK
  • Vast majority not medically qualified, have no autism awareness, safeguarding training.
  • Many are virulently anti-vaccination
  • Some practitioners claim to have treated "hundreds" of children. The exact numbers currently at risk of neglect is unknown but it is known one practitioner is attempting to recruit 400-500 families.
  • Much of the "diagnosis" and "treatment" is done online (esp via Skype)
  • "Detox" homeopathic medicines are unlicensed medicines. Supply to/by medically unqualified practitioners offence under Human Medicines Regulations 2012
  • Marketing claims in breach of consumer protection legislation
  • Marketing claims in breach of ASA advertising regulation
  • Illegal and/or unethical trials have been conducted
Media coverage
There was a story in the Guardian and a rehashed version in the Mail. There have been similar stories in Canada.

Actions taken
  • Concerns raised with Society of Homeopaths who initially ignored. SoH is accredited by Professional Standards Agency.
  • Concerns re SoH inaction raised with PSA. PSA concerned enough to impose conditions on SoH reacreditation.
  • Concerns raised with Alliance of Registered Homeopaths. Ignored.
  • List of practitioners and claims supplied to ASA. Known ASA have engaged in some action.
  • Concerns raised with Medicines and Healthcare Product Regulatory Agency (MHRA). Have previously forbidden online listing of "detox" remedies. Have powers to prevent supply but do.
  • Concerns raised with General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) re pharmacies supplying. Breach of professional standards. No action taken.
  • Attempts made to engage with various local Trading Standards but no response.
  • Concerns raised with local safeguarding board. Unable to act as children involved unknown.
Questions need to be raised with -
  • MHRA and why they will not act on illegal supply. This may need to be raised with the relevant minister at the Department of Health and Social Care as well.
  • GPhC as to why they do not deem the pharmacies that supply "detox" medicines as being in breach of professional standards.
  • PSA on why they reaccredited the SoH and what action they intend to take if SoH can not get its members to comply with agreed actions.
It is unlikely that the Society of Homeopaths et al would respond to any enquiry.

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