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Other UK Practitioners offering CEASE therapy

These are a bit of a rag-bag. Some are homeopaths who don't belong to any trade association, some are homeopaths who belong to non-homeopathic trade associations and some are doctors. Others are not homeopaths.

As has been discussed in previous posts, there is no reason why a lay homeopath has to belong to a trade association. It's not a prerequisite for insurance. For some, belonging to a trade association likely has no benefit and possible has the disbenefit of having to abide by a Code of Ethics. As will be seen some of these homeopaths are quite bizarre and it would be difficult for even the most indifferent trade association not to act.

Special attention is paid to the trade associations belonged to. This is because there will be a future article on the current state of UK self regulation of CAM.

Aishah Hussain
Hussain is part of a husband and wife team offering homeopathy and other things. Hussain's claims for CEASE are quite mild are in some ways but -
Patients usually come to me after exhausting all other means; treating autism has become an integral part of my practice making up over 60% of my clients.
It is unknown how many clients there are.
I am passionate about treating autism and being a mother gives me profound happiness seeing children thriving. At times it feels like I am reuniting parents with their children. Receiving beautiful messages from a parent whose child has gone from being emotionally inexpressive to telling mum he loves her or an aggressive child described as ‘a different child’ after remedies has left me emotional many times.
Hussain offers Hair Mineral Analysis. This has been mentioned in previous posts and is of very limited use. It is often used as a marketing tool to sell dietary supplements. Hussain links to a US lab offering it but it is not clear if she uses it.

There is also mention of Homeobotanical therapy. The products are combination homeopathic/herbal and they do not fit into EU regulation. Products can't be marketed as both. Either way, these products don't seem to be registered in the UK and thus are being imported illegally. The claims make them medicines as well.

Alan Freestone
Freestone has been mentioned previously. Because of legal considerations, little can be said at the moment.

Anna Anderson
Anderson regurgitates many of Tinus Smits' claims such as "vaccines cause autism" and uses "Complete Elimination of Autistic Spectrum Expression". These are repeated in more than one place.

The testimonials page reveals the kind of remedies used. It is must be stressed that they are in breach of ASA guidance. Also, most of the remedies mentioned are unlicensed medicines and can only be obtained under very limited circumstances. Illegal supply/promotion is a matter for the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA). The testimonials don't just relate to autism - there is one that talks about "HPV vaccine damage" and mentions that Freda Birrell referred a client to her. To say that HPV vaccine damage is controversial is an understatement as conversion disorder is implicated in many supposed cases.

If offering consultations via Skype is bad then -
Translated Email Consultation for those who do not speak English. 
With todays technology advances in translation services, I can now offer Homeopathic Detox Therapy via Google Forms and translation. Meaning this can be available to a wider number of children.

If you require this service please let me know and I can send across the relevant forms.
Which would fill anyone familiar with the limitations of Google Translate with horror. Anderson is yet another who carried out a study. It would appear it involved the supply of unlicensed medicines. 

Anderson also offers hair mineral analysis at £120.

Catherine Fergus
Fergus doesn't say very much about CEASE but makes reference to her teaching experience. Other CEASE practitioners do this too. Part of the problem with this is teachers do have safeguarding training and should recognise use of homeopathy as primary care as a potential red flag, same with anti-vaccination.

Another oddity is that Fergus describes the health insurer Simplyhealth as a charity. 

Christine Hytch
Hytch also has a background in education and was a special needs teacher. Hytch avoids "Complete Elimination of Autistic Spectrum Expression" and the claim that vaccines cause autism.
I worked with many children and young people with Autism during my years in education and know how challenging life can be for both them and their families and am now passionate about using my skills as a homeopath and Cease practitioner to help anyone with Autism achieve their potential. 
I feel very privileged to be able to work with Autistic children and their families and approach each new client with respect for their uniqueness and determination to help them achieve maximum health and wellbeing.
Christine Suppelt
Suppelt is a doctor and a member of the Faculty of Homeopathy (FoH). Some of restrictions on supply of unlicensed medicines don't apply to her. Suppelt's homeopathic practice is likely very peripheral - she is an NHS ophthalmic surgeon.

Strangely, her website has little on CEASE therapy but that page does feature a book by Kelly CS Johnson an Irish homeopath, anti-vaxxer and pusher of homeoprophylaxis. The book is very anti-vaccination and although it does not seem to have it on its website any more, the FoH has issued statements that vaccination should be carried out.

What the FoH would make of CEASE therapy is unknown. 

Elle Fox
Fox has been mentioned before in conjunction  with the GRCCT. The ASA ruled against her advertising. Fox would appear to be a naturopath and a member of the Association of Naturopathic Practitioners (its Code of Ethics is cursory to say the least). The ANP is a member of the General Naturopathic Council.

She repeats the claim that vaccines cause autism when talking about CEASE. Fox also offers the Gut and Psychology Syndrome (GAPS) diet which has been discredited.  The idea that autism is caused by toxins generated by gut bacteria is far fetched. Such restrictive diets are used by other CEASE practitioners.

Eve Gilmore
Gilmore doesn't say a lot about CEASE but says a lot about autism including such gems as -
1 Autistic children are born to toxic parents. 
50% of the fathers of autistic children suffer from OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder), and many mothers have fatigue related issues, sub-clinical or diagnosed thyroid problems and headaches or migraines. An Israeli study found a correlation between pre-conceptual laptop exposure in fathers and autism.
Guilt-tripping parents with bogus claims is toxic. Some of the claims for health conditions make for alarming reading. Gilmore offers other treatments in addition to CEASE -
  • Naturopathy
  • Nutritional Medicine
  • Scenar, Physiokey and Sanakey
  • Homeopathy
  • Autonomic Response Testing (ART)
  • Far Infrared Saunas
  • Genotyping – Personalised Nutrition
  • Genetic Profiling – for Specific Health Problems
The shop is something else.

Gilmore is a member of the Fellowship of Holistic Integrated Therapists which would appear to be part of the British Complementary Medicine Association which does have a Code of Ethics.

Kate McIntosh
Doesn't say much except "Complete Elimination of Autistic Spectrum Expression" and that vaccines cause autism.

Kay Wesley
Wesley on her Tools Utilised page says various things about CEASE and links to the website but doesn't claim vaccines cause autism or spell out the acronym. Wesley claims to be a shaman and studied under Yubraj Sharma. Whether Sharma's "college" is still going is unclear (the website is dead) but this prospectus from 2015 gives a flavour. Wesley is stranger...
In my Shamanic work, I ‘tune-in’ to the energy field of the person, I am shown or ask to see imbalances, blockages and areas of lack. And when for the persons highest good healing takes place. The energies that are needed to be removed, are. And energies that are needed to come in, are bought in gently and lovingly. 
The work often involves energetic detoxes, as gunk from eons of time is removed gently and lovingly. It often involves the strengthening of the energetic and physical body so that energetic attachments then leave. And the cause of an imbalance is often traced back to it’s roots, no matter what they are and when they occurred – that cause is then healed and the whole energy is bought forward to the now without that distortion. 
And more often than not it involves soul retrieval – a practice where fragments of self are returned to the whole, and healed. Fragmentation can result from shocks, grief, trauma, from attachments to a relationship in the past that hasn’t resolved itself, from medication or recreational drug use. During these times the vital energies can split from the whole and by traveling to those fragments and returning them to the whole a sense of completion returns, or is felt for the first time, and we then are less open, less vulnerable. We are strong and empowered!
Gunk from eons of time?
And of course I don’t do the work, I’m a channel for the work. I work with enlightened beings, with Ascended Masters, with Archangels, with nature spirits, with star beings, with medical specialists all in the unseen realm. I work with whoever comes in to help you. Big picture, I work with God, for your highest good.
It would be easy to mock such beliefs. The concern is whether they are compatible with offering to treat autistic children. 

Lesley Jefferies
Jefferies says on her About Me page - 
I have found homeopathy to be a gentle healer without the harsh side effects that many modern medicines throw out.I successfully treated family and friends for many years before obtaining my license to practice from the Welsh School of Homeopathy in Carmarthen. 
I have previously worked for the NHS as a Paediatric Physiotherapy Technician and now I concentrate fully on my homeopathic practice.
Treating family and friends is an ethical minefield. Guidance for regulated professionals is to avoid doing so - for one thing the emotional connection can cloud professional objectivity. There is also evidence from the US that physicians who treat family members over test and over treat. Lay homeopaths and their trade associations don't see it as an issue, even when explained to them in clear and simple language.

Jefferies has no "license to practice". A licentiate is not a license to practice - it is a type of academic degree. It is rarely used in the UK and the term has no official status. The same is true of diploma. Many homeopaths and their supporters find this confusing.

Jefferies doesn't mention CEASE but...
It is no secret that the health of our society is breaking down at an alarming rate. Children and adults alike are getting more sick – autism, eczema, asthma, arthritis, constant infections and cancer, to name a few. All are treated with suppressive medications that never get to the root cause of the illness. 
My question is - why? Why are we getting so ill? There must be a reason and I believe the reason is toxic overload, not only from medications and vaccines, but also from the food we eat and the water we drink. This along with the many environmental toxins that we are in contact with daily are stripping us of our health and vitality. So, I am very passionate about clearing out the toxins using a very gentle homeopathic detox.
Alarming rate? Public health data and history say something different -
Overall population health in England has improved in recent decades. The age-standardised morbidity rate in England (rate of ill health), reduced by 2.1% between 1990 and 2016.
Exposure to environmental toxins has decreased markedly largely due to legislation. 
Most people can throw off toxins and have no adverse reactions but for some they become the straw that breaks the camel’s back. Perhaps you had many years on antibiotics as a child for ear infections, for example, and on top of that many vaccinations, plus steroid inhalers for asthma. Each one of these medications will make your body a little weaker, and in time will cause deteriorating health. More and more medications are needed to cope with the side effects that will eventually kick in. That’s why we are seeing many of the elderly these days having to take many, many medications.
Polypharmacy is an issue but data shows correlations with both age and social deprivation. Homeopathy can not address those issues. Are counter-factual ideas about public health compatible with offering to treat autistic kids? Is scaremongering about medication helpful in any way? 

Jefferies offers to treat Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Conventional treatments for PTSD include psychotherapy, psychotropic drugs and cognitive behavioural therapy. However, some may find that these approaches do not suit them, or may have concerns about side effects of medications used. Homeopathy gets to the root of the problem, removing layers of symptoms as they are presented over a period of time, enabling you to lead a normal and wholesome life.
Liesje Cochrane
Cochrane says here -
I specialise in treating people with autism. 
I know that autism can be cured because I have seen the evidence of the recovery in my practice using homeopathy. Recovered autistic children have been able to tell us how autistic children feel, describing their experiences once they have been restored to normal through homeopathy.
An incredible claim and some unpleasant implications - autistic children can't tell us how they feel? 

Cochrane does spell out the acronym here as well claiming vaccines cause autism and links to the CEASE website.

Lorraine Whitby
Whitby does spell out the acronym, repeats the claim that vaccines cause autism but does not link to the CEASE website (although links to Smits' book on Amazon). Whitby offers many bizarre treatments/tests in addition to homeopathy.
NLP and RTT are pretty useless as psychological interventions. The "training" is very short compared to a degree in Counselling and Psychotherapy and certainly don't have the same entry requirements. Jefferies is likely to have spent thousands on bizarre machines.

Mary Harper

Harper does not spell out the acronym, implies that vaccines cause autism and links to the CEASE website but...
In the long term these toxins disrupt our endocrine system and organs such as our adrenals and thyroid. Heavy metals can affect our nervous system and some are very slow to act and accumulate over time, (such as aluminum levels in the brain which can be a factor in Alzheimer’s). They can also disrupt our gut flora in our digestive system affecting our assimilation of nutrients, and influencing our mind and emotions. You can read more about the research from Dr Campbell-McBride at 
I use CEASE to address such situations and for when patients may say that they have ‘never been well since’ a course of antibiotics; or, that their child did not seem the same after he received a vaccination, or after an illness such as glandular fever. It is also an important part of my preparation treatment for pregnancy.
Campbell-McBride is the creator of the GAPS diet - which is bogus. "Pre-conception treatment" is something offered by other homeopaths too.

Harper also uses the Asyra machine and uses Homeobotanicals. 

Sathish Muthulingam
Muthulingam uses the title Dr but is nothing of the sort. 
Sathish Muthulingam is practising for the last 17 years and he trained under the supervision of Dr Joseph Sebamalai (Homeo Clinic - Wattala, Sri Lanka) and then at the London College of Homeopathy, Open International University for Complementary Therapy, Allen College of Homeopathy and the International Therapy Examinational Council. He holds qualifications in Homeopathy, Cease Therapy, Acupuncture and Sports Therapy. He is currently following functional medicine at Functional Medicine University USA.
The London College of Homeopathy? It can't be this one surely? It was discussed here when it was still called the Bakson College of Homoeopathy UK - it's not been round long enough. The London College of Classical Homeopathy would appear long gone. The Open International University for Complementary Therapy aka Medicina Alternativa is a notorious diploma mill. The Allen College of Homeopathy is real enough.  Mention of iTEC is strange. It's an accrediting body, not an awarding body. The Functional Medicine University is unaccredited US body.

Muthulingam is Sri Lankan. How he got into and is able to stay in the UK is unknown. The rules regarding Right of Abode are complex and time dependent. The issue of homeopaths from the Indian subcontinent in the UK will be explored in greater depth at a future date.

He offers an incredibly expensive stool test (which is likely this) as well as a "Bellman Ultra Vit" blood test which could be this. If it is, it requires drawing blood from a vein. His charges are very high in general. 

Sinead Rooney
Rooney obviously offers CEASE therapy as she includes a graphic from the CEASE website but makes no direct mention of CEASE except in a tiny font in the page header. Rooney doesn't claim that vaccines cause autism but does link to the CEASE website here 

Susan Price
Price is an osteopath and subject to General Osteopathic Council regulation as well as other regulations. To be very clear, osteopaths have no prescribing rights. They are limited in what homeopathic remedies they can legally supply - just as other medically unqualified person are - but because they are statutorily regulated, it's a much bigger issue. Straying into the domain of other health professions can be politically problematic.

As with the post on Alliance of Registered Homeopaths (ARH) members offering CEASE therapy, the utility of such a list is questionable but it is presented for the sake of completeness. The meaning of the fields is as described in this post on Society of Homeopaths (SoH) members.

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